Macy Morrow photo

Macy Morrow.

The Kamiah-Clearwater Valley softball girls had a tough day against St. Maries late last month at KHS, as the Lumberjacks won a sweep of the young co-op team. “We kept good spirits, but our score was definitely not the best,” catcher Macy Morrow said, “and that makes it tough throughout the day. People start getting a little bit heated, but mostly everybody kept their head up high. And as long as you have fun doing it, that’s what matters.”

For Morrow, it’s all fun. “I just love my position and being around good people and good girls,” she said. “Jessica [Ketola], our pitcher, she definitely kicks butt and puts all her efforts into it, and Cloie [Spencer] is a great outfielder. We have some pretty good hitters, too, like Eboney [Usher], who is a good outfielder as well.”

Catching gives Morrow the chance to see what’s happening in the field and help her teammates.

CV/K played at Orofino after the press deadline on Tuesday, and the softball team has a full slate of games on schedule coming up. On Thursday, April 8, CV/K is at Nezperce, and that is to be followed by home games April 10 against Genesee, April 13 against Grangeville and April 15 against Kendrick. The team plays all its home games in Kamiah.

During spring break, Morrow rode her horse in preparation for high school rodeo events this spring, the next of which is April 17-18 in Cambridge. “I like that it’s you and your horse,” she said, “but it’s really like having a team. It’s not just your horse and it’s not just you. You have to really bond. The rodeo people are really great, too,” she added. “Everyone supports each other.”