Kamiah’s David Kludt photo

Kamiah’s David Kludt is pictured protecting his shot attempt from the defense of Grangeville’s Carter Mundt during the Kubs’ win over the Bulldogs Monday night, Dec. 19.

KAMIAH — After the KHS basketball boys polished off their second win over Grangeville of the season, prevailing 53-39 on Monday night, Dec. 19, Kubs coach Aaron Skinner said the team was shorthanded and that their defensive intensity was lacking.

“Some coaches would say, ‘A win is a win,’ but that’s not me,” he said. “We’re still riding on the coattails of what we did last year, but last year we were one of the best teams defensively — 37 points against, per game. Giving up 39 tonight is too many. With Lapwai in our league, we’re going to have to play a lot better defensively than we did tonight. So our practices will get a lot more competitive. We might have to change up our starting lineup, because we have some attitudes in our locker room that we’re a lot better than actually we are right now.”