Eboney Usher photo

Eboney Usher.

Kamiah senior Eboney Usher helped mark a milestone, as one of the four cheerleaders on the squad KHS assembled last season.

“I get super-duper shy,” she said, “so going out there in front of that crowd with everyone looking and having them yell, I think it helped me a little bit to come out of my shell. It scared me, but it was good, and I hope they’ll have cheerleaders again next year.”

She credited coaches Stacey Skinner and Nicole Roberts for making it happen.

“That was really fun,” she said, “and they took a lot of their time away from their families just to help us. And it brought more spirit for the games since covid didn’t let a lot of people be there and the team was really fun to be around.”

Cheer teammate and fellow senior Yesica Gonzalez was part of making that a good experience, along with Leila Guffey and Larkin Paul,

“They are all super fun,” Usher said.

Usher got into cheerleading as a youngster, and was happy KHS gave her and her teammates the opportunity this year.

She and Gonzalez are both out for softball this spring.

The softball team has set goals for teamwork and improvement.

“We had a lot of good girls ready to go last year, too, and a lot of seniors I was excited to play with,” she said, “but then we couldn’t play. So it was really upsetting. But I’m glad that we are able to play this year.”

The co-op’s first game is at noon March 20, against Potlatch. CV/K then visits Culdesac March 22 and Kendrick March 23.