Welcome to the new clearwaterprogress.com

Today is the start of a new era for idahocountyfreepress.com.

We've launched a redesigned and revamped website and are bringing a batch of brand new features.

There a few changes both now and coming in the near future to be aware of:

Currently our new site is free to use, but in the coming weeks only our subscribers now have access to all areas of the site. To receive full access, subscribe to the Progress. If you are an existing print subscriber, you will be able to validate your subscription through an online portal.

In the changeover from our old site to the new, we were unfortunately unable to bring over prior website user accounts. Please re-register your account on the new site.

Please review our new Privacy PolicyTerms of Use

We're excited about our new site and some of the new tools it offers to better bring community news to our community!