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The 2019 Crime in Idaho Report recently released by the Idaho State Police Bureau of Criminal Identification has good news for residents of Lewis and Idaho counties: Crime is down. In fact, the crime rate across the state is the lowest it has been in the past five years, with a 7.36 percent drop since […]

I must respectfully disagree with Mr. Ronald Buck’s recent letter to the editor. He began by expressing surprise that the ladies leading the recall effort of Governor Brad Little found the Governor’s stay-at-home orders shocking and alarming. He stated that “If Governor Little was the only governor to lockdown his state that might be alarming.” […]

Mr. Threewit has written a valuable letter (2-6-20) which Christians should take seriously. I’m thankful that he felt he could express his sentiments honestly. I’d like to mention a few items from the Bible his letter omits. The first human bloodshed in the Bible is Cain’s jealous murder of his brother Abel. God told Cain, […]

In the last few weeks there have been some letters to the Editor about abortion. Here is another point of view. The Constitution, the law of the land, gives us people of the U.S.A. the right to life. What determines life? Doctors pronounce someone dead when they no longer have a heartbeat. There is plenty […]

Some thoughts on Harold Dow’s solution for mass shootings (Progress 8/15/19). Number one, he states that the one constant in these shootings is the use of an automatic rifle, which, he claims, are good for nothing but hunting men. Overlooked is their excellent use for defending oneself, family and community from men who would use […]