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Idaho Department of Fish & Game’s Clearwater Region is asking the public to report dead or sick deer by calling (208) 799-5010.

IDFG is continuing to receive reports of dead deer in the Kamiah area. Approximately 150 white-tails have died near the Kamiah area. As of Aug. 13, tests had come back negative for both bluetongue and epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD). Tests were also negative for Adenovirus Hemorrhagic Disease, which is a similar hemorrhagic disease and been known to occur in Washington. Additional tests were being conducted to determine the causes of death. The results of those tests are still pending. “We are working hard to find out what disease we are dealing with,” said regional wildlife biologist Jana Livingston.

Due to the potential deer-to-deer transmission route, IDFG is encouraging those in the Kamiah area to remove food and water sources that congregate deer. IDFG also encourages the reporting of any symptomatic (lethargic deer exhibiting respiratory distress) or the disposal of dead deer carcasses. Reports can be made online at Deer can be taken to Simmons Sanitation for disposal at the expense of the department. Contact the Clearwater Region Idaho Fish and Game office for more information at (208) 799-5010. Fish and Game staff will continue to provide updates.