Implementation is expected to begin sometime this year on the Hungry Ridge Restoration project, located approximately 17 miles southeast of Grangeville. Forest Supervisor Cheryl Probert, Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests signed the Final Record of Decision for the project on March 24.

The project area encompasses approximately 30,000 acres of National Forest System lands within the Mill Creek and Johns Creek watersheds, tributary to the South Fork of the Clearwater River. According to the agency, the project is expected to manage forest vegetation to restore natural disturbance patterns, improve long-term resilience at the stand and landscape levels, improve and reduce the potential risk to private property and structures, and improve watershed conditions, habitat structure, function and diversity.

Probert selected Alternative 2, authorizing a wide variety of restoration actions on the Salmon River Ranger District. Forest vegetation management includes approximately 7,144 acres of commercial timber harvest and activity fuels reduction, 12,372 acres of prescribed burning, and 10 acres of hand-thinning around private property to reduce fuel levels.

Associated road work includes up to nine miles of permanent road construction, 23 miles of temporary road construction that would be decommissioned, two miles of road reconstruction, 34 miles of road reconditioning, road maintenance for log hauling and four miles of road long-term storage.

Restoration actions to improve watershed conditions include approximately 25 miles road decommissioning, replacement of 18 culverts, improvement at two trail stream crossings, 87 acres of hardwood planting, 75 acres of soil restoration, and 108 acres of meadow restoration. Monitoring and one project-specific forest plan amendment are also approved.

For more information: project/?project=43661, or contact Salmon River District Ranger Jeff Shinn, A notice of the decision will be sent to those who have been involved in the planning process.