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Fall chinook salmon are trickling in at Lower Granite Dam. This means anglers will soon have an opportunity to catch these big guys. The current estimate for this year’s fall chinook salmon return to Lower Granite Dam is 24,710 adults and about 10,000 jacks. These estimates are close to what returned last year in 2020.

Idaho’s Fish and Game Commission set the fall chinook salmon season last July using this forecast. There are some differences this year that you will want to be aware of. Roughly, the regulations are as follows:

• Season starts August 18, 2021

• The fishery will occur in the Snake River, lower Salmon River, and much of the Clearwater basin

• The daily limits are three (3) adult fish (adipose clipped or unclipped)

• Fishing will be allowed seven days a week in all areas that are open

The website has all the details on the 2021 fall chinook salmon seasons and limits.

In recent years, many anglers have asked about the fall chinook salmon broodstock trapping program at Lower Granite Dam (LGD). For this reason, we decided to provide information about this program that answers many of the questions we commonly get.

The fall chinook salmon hatchery program has been instrumental in the increase of returning fall chinook salmon seen over the years. Collections of fall chinook salmon at LGD now begins in early to mid-August and continues until November or when program goals are met.