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The last Backyard Bounty Meeting for the 2020 gardening season will be held on Oct. 19 at the Nazarene church across from the Life Center in Kamiah. Potluck will be at 5:30 p.m., and the meeting will begin at 6 p.m. Bring any extra produce, plants or seeds you’d like to share or trade. We’ll…

Reduced-price deer and elk tags will go on sale at 10 a.m. MT Dec. 1, under new rules the Idaho Fish and Game Commission advanced for legislative approval in 2021.

Susanne Smith of Clearwater reports that she’s always had a couple of geese visit her back yard but she’s never had this many.

After a recent thunderstorm near Harpster, Sharon Wilcock photographed this rainbow above her sister-in-law’s home. Photo submitted by Gloria Taylor.

Poppies bloom near the First Indian Presbyterian Church and cemetery on Highway 12 in Kamiah. The photo was taken June 18 by Anna Sivill of Kamiah.

Kammy Law, formerly of Kamiah, was recently in town visiting when she took this photo. “I miss that cute little town so much! It’s beautiful this time of year! The green sceneries, the awesome wildlife and best of all, the amazing people. I miss you all,” said Kammy.

Lisa Reynaldo of Kamiah photographed this robin while bird watching from her deck.  

This beautiful rainbow appeared after the hail storm in Clearwater on Sunday afternoon, June 14. Photo by Susanne Smith of Clearwater.

Mike Adair captured this sunrise rainbow recently on the Camas Prairie while on the way to work.

A Memorial Day drive north of Headquarters and south of Flume Creek resulted in the spotting of this moose calf. Photo by Lisa Reynaldo of Kamiah.

A bald eagle struggles to get airborne with a kill that is a little too large for it to carry. Eventually the bird pulled some of the flesh loose to take to its nest. The eagle was spotted in the Valley View Sub-division last Friday. Peter DuPre/Progress

Judy Caine of Kooskia took this photo of this beautiful rainbow over Kooskia, May 6. The photo was shot from two miles upriver off Ridgewood Road.

A cold, foggy morning was observed March 30 on Shenandoah Road near Kamiah. The structure is a 26’ solar growing dome. Photo by Paula Kohagen Rigby.

Rodger Davis captured this snowy scene following a late March snowstorm in Kooskia.

Anna Sivill of Kamiah captured this scene during a Sunday morning walk along the Clearwater River. The photo was taken at the beach on Rock Road, Kamiah.

Not sure this calf is enjoying its first snowfall. The photo was taken March 25 near Harpster. Photo by Dixie Lynn.

A red-tailed hawk warms itself in the morning sunshine from atop a tree near Kamiah. The bird was observed last week. Ben Jorgensen/Progress

Nothing says spring like brand new farm babies. This minutes-old Nubian kid was spotted trying to nurse on brother’s nose. Photo by Jewel Hite of Kamiah.

Photographer Dixie Lynn recently found this doe enjoying the warmth of the hay in the hay barn. The photo was taken near Harpster.

Shannon Bridges captured this sunset last week from her house across the river from Lawyer Creek.

A male downy woodpecker looks for something to eat from a homemade suet feeder. Photo by Ron Householder of Kooskia.

Photographer Ron Householder of Kooskia reports that his suet feeder has a number of regulars, including a male downy woodpecker, red-breasted nuthatch, black-capped chickadee, Steller’s jay, and this dark-eyed Junco.

Ron Householder made this suet feeder for the song birds and was recently surprised to see these California Quail on it.

Photographer Dixie Lynn took this photo from her dining room window. The three seem to be either keeping warm or having a meeting during the last cold snow. The photo was taken near Harpster.

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By the looks of things, you’d never guess this photo was taken in the dead of winter. Paula Hinckley snapped this picture of the rain falling Jan. 8 while driving on Highway 162 towards Kamiah.

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“This young deer took several flying jumps when I startled it on my walk one day. I thought it might be one of Santa’s young deer in training as high as it was jumping. : ) Maybe he will be ready for the sleigh in a few more years,” said photographer Dixie Lynn. The photo […]

Game of cat and mouse – This scene is not exactly ‘peace and goodwill’…. although looks can be deceiving sometimes. Chester the cat ponders his relationship with his foe, and as fate would have it, his lunch, just long enough for me to get an unusual shot last weekend. Janene Engle/Progress

Beautiful girl, December, enjoys the first snow of the year on Nov. 29 while hanging out at Mollie’s Happy Tails in Kamiah. Photo by Mollie Schneider of Mollie’s Happy Tails.

“This photo was taken last week as I was walking the woods. The bucks are in full rut now and running everywhere. This young buck had been chased by a much larger buck and seemed a little confused to see me and didn’t run for a very long time. They are really pretty and I […]

Weighed down by work This sweat bee appears to have been bathed in pollen. Photographer Geri Goldsberry approached this bee and thought it had picked up too much pollen and couldn’t fly. So the bee was placed in a jar and moved into a bush where it could maybe shake or knock off some of […]

  Donnie Haukedahl and his 14-year-old daughter Tia of Alaska had a successful moose hunt earlier this month. Photo contributed by Donnie Haukedahl.

Dena Riffel of Kamiah submitted this photo of her son Trent who she says went out hunting for grapes and found this enormous squash up on Frasier Grade near Kamiah. The squash weighed an astounding 46 pounds and was 33 inches long!

Late August is a mystical time to canoe the Middle Fork. “Just downriver from Lowell I discovered a sandbar full of cairns. I’m sure they were left by Lewis and Clark,” said photographer Tim McDonald.

This cougar was spotted late last month southeast of Kooskia. Photo by Joe Ruffing.

“I don’t know about anyone else, but I have quite a time keeping my eyes off the river while traveling between Kamiah and Orofino. I HAD to pull off the road for this photo,” reports Geri Goldsberry of Kamiah.

“While I was walking my dog a couple nights ago, this praying mantis landed on my flashlight and proceeded to stay there for quite some time. It seemed content to be in the spotlight,” reports photographer Dixie Lynn of Harpster.

The Oregon Coast is recognized worldwide for its stunning landscapes and unforgettable scenic ocean views. A long-overdue vacation with my daughters produced timeless images of crab digging seagulls (above left) and hidden water-filled caves on the beach. Mishayla Carroll (above right) of Kamiah explores a large rock cave on Bandon Beach. Janene Engle/Progress

Mountain Indian paintbrush photographed at the end of July at Apgar Campground near the Lochsa River. Photo by Jody Pethtel of Kamiah

Sonny, a Border Collie from a new company in town, Clearwater Stockdogs, herds sheep for transport this past weekend. Sonny is owned by Andrea Layne. Photo by Pearl Maxner

Mollie Schneider of Kamiah enjoyed a recent sunset walk with her Zoie Bear.

    Hay harvest is wrapping up in the area. Penny Miller of Kooskia snapped these photos recently at Rocking Horse Ranch on Battle Ridge Road.    

Joey the dog is enjoying the water and the sun. Sonia is having to work a little harder but having fun, too. The photo was taken July 1 at Elk River. Photo contributed by Sonia Borgert

This little guy was enjoying an early morning snack outside the living room window of photographer Tim McDonald. “It didn’t seem to bother him that I was standing less than two feet away. He just kept on munching,” said McDonald. The photo was taken near Harpster.

Penny Miller photographed this sunset scene at Barb Steele’s ranch on Battle Ridge earlier this month. Penny reports the beautiful gardens there give her the opportunity of capturing and sharing God’s ultimate beauty.

While walking in the woods recently, photographer Dixie Lynn saw this white and red spider on a white daisy. “At first it blended in so well with the web and the petals that I didn’t see it, but on closer observation I could see the red stripes on the spider’s back. Since I have never […]

A trio of deer cross a field at sunset on Battle Ridge Road. The photo was taken last month. Photo by Penny Miller

Brothers Merit and Ransom Majors of Kamiah show off their newfound friend – a swallowtail butterfly! Photo by Kathleen Majors