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Written by Ben Jorgensen, The Clearwater Progress   

Practice peace, not war

     Following last week’s publication of Mickey “Shio” Wade’s World War II life experiences in Japan, a reader shared some additional insight of a most incredible nature.

     The following was graciously provided by Irene Ellis.

     “Today’s Progress [Jan. 31] true story of Mickey Wade’s young life in her shoreline home near Nagasaki during WWII is excellent. But an unexpected surprise happened later in Kamiah.

     “When an adult, Mickey married U.S. Navy man Roy Wade. They found their home to be next door to good friends Madeline and Bill Kishpaugh. Bill was part of the WWII Marine Air Corps crew that bombed by Mickey’s childhood home.

     “Roy spent many more years in the service including the Vietnam War and after retiring he and Mickey bought a home on Pine Ridge next door to Bill and Madeline Kishpaugh. They were strangers so it was a complete surprise to learn that Bill was flying over Mickey’s home when she was a child. Roy died of Agent Orange effects several years ago. Bill died last year. Their widows are still friends.”

     Though some might consider it a coincidence that Mickey and Bill ended up as neighbors, I would suggest another possibility. Providence.

     All things happen for a reason. Just as a seed won’t sprout until conditions are right, we may not fully know or understand why or how the stuff in our life happens until our mind and heart are readied. It’s a process that can take minutes, decades, or a lifetime—or more.

     What is truly inspiring is how people can heal, forgive, and become friends.

     All of us have at times been the victim of someone bombing us, be it with some type of conventional weaponry or more likely than not, the verbal form. We’ve also been on the doling out side where we have caused the hurt. Sometimes it happens out of ignorance due to blind spots and other times by design prodded along by a proud sense of rightness.

     Despite being bombed or doing the bombing, there is the potential for peace and unity. What tremendous good it does the heart to observe it in action. It’s something we can all take note of and practice more often with each other.


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