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Beware of predators

     Sometime between midnight and 6 a.m. July 12, two four-legged critters jumped the fence into my goat pen and killed two young goats where they slept. The goats never even got to stand up. Their hide was cut from the sternum down, the rib cage was bitten out by what appears to be two long jawed bites, almost like a saw had cut them. All internal organs were removed without puncturing the guts. The rest was left behind. No one heard a sound.

     It seems that many people who do not know the ways of our local predators would like to blame this on anything but wolves, which are ever present in the Harpster area.

     A cougar will break the neck, cut the throat to bleed the animal and then pack one this size back over the fence and take it home or to its stash. Cougar would also only kill one animal and cougars do not hunt in packs. These two were eaten alive. Nothing had touched the neck, head or front shoulders.

     Coyote will hunt in packs, silent until after the kill, then call in their buddies to feast. They will, in fact kill the same way these were, eating the animal alive from the flanks. However, coyote make a real mess but tend to finish the carcass, not leave much behind. In this case all was left behind but part of the rib cage and all the internal organs. Nothing came back to finish the job.

     This is written as fair warning to everyone else in the area with children, pets and livestock.

White Dove


Political correctness destroys us

     Last week's letter about the Christian family being silenced at the Long Camp Farmer's Market exemplifies a serious problem with our country. It is called Political Correctness and it is being driven by a very small minority of people who hate our Godly heritage and want to destroy our society.

     How can so few affect the lives of so many? Well, their backers, the enemies within the gates, have unlimited funds to promote their destructive plans. They control of the media, the publishing houses and the "think tanks" that draft the ever expanding regulations that can be used to stifle dissent. Their people, whom Stalin called "useful idiots," fill positions of "higher learning"; courtroom prosecutors, administrators and judges; political offices and their staffers; editorial staffs; movie producers; ad infinitum.

     Unless we take a stand for God, family, community and Country, we are history as a free nation under God. Where we are allowing them to take us is not a pretty place. If we could ask 100 million plus dead, who were mostly Christians, in Russia after these same people took over their country in 1917, they would tell us. Obama's Socialist handlers have almost got us there again. All we have to do is to continue to roll over and let them have their will with us.

     We have a choice. We can either continue to listen to their talking heads and believe the lies they are pushing on us, or we can act like men and women of God who refuse to tolerate their foolish folly. What's it going to be? Tell the Christians to shut up or leave, or tell the haters to take a hike.

Jay Maxner


Pay for it whether it works or not?

     In response to the captioned "Bond Article" posted on the front page of The Clearwater Progress on July 17 where Council and Mayor say water plant must be paid for whether it works or not. Very poor choice of words coming from the city of Kamiah. Sure it has to be paid for. That's a "no-brainer."

     For a community that is struggling just to keep pace in this flat economy we have all inherited from Washington, D.C., you are sending the wrong message to potential future residents that ponder the thought of moving to this beautiful city, and the residents who already reside here who have their houses up for sale in hopes of moving elsewhere.

     The plant will eventually be operational at some point in the future. I personally haven't drank the water since my goldfish died in it some five years ago, presumably of lead poisoning I suspect...But I live in the original village where the pipes are some of the oldest in town. That may also be the reason that when my washing machine drains, my bathtub fills up, and vice versa.

     When I first moved here my total combined bill was about $34 a month, now it is $103. Makes for expensive showers. I felt bad about the increases until I read some info on other communities water rates on this link: http://www.waterwebster.com/WaterRates.htm

     Now I don't feel so bad.

Kevin Moran


Make it a birthday to remember

     Over a year ago now, Alma Jones moved to Nezperce to be near her daughter.

     Alma will be 97 years old on Sunday, July 27. She was born in 1917!

     Alma enjoyed years in the Grange, Rebekah Lodge, and as a Red Hattitude member. She loves to play cards at the Senior Citizen Center. She was my neighbor and I miss her.

     Alma would love as many birthday cards as we can send. Those of you who know her, please give her a birthday of cards she will not forget!

     Alma also loves puzzles.

     Alma's address is: Alma Jones, P.O. Box 207, Nezperce, ID 83543.

     She loves visits too. Her home address is 102 Pine in Nezperce.

Jo Piller


Proud of family

     My heart goes to Mr. Garold and his family, whom in his letter to the editor last week spoke about no longer being able to sell his wares at the Farmer's Market on Highway 12.

     Isn't it amazing how everyone seems to have free speech accept for Christians? Gone are the days when believers can share their faith without being criticized ridiculed, or rejected to the point that their Constitutional rights of freedom of speech are violated in this nation.

     Here is a family man, a believer and his family that are just trying to make a living, and trying to share the most important news of their life, with those who will listen. Life-saving news of hope, acceptance and assurance for the future.

     Mr. Garold stated that he was not pushing his tracts or words on anyone, if people are offended by it they do not have to take the tracts nor do they have to listen to him, they have the choice to walk away. I commend you Mr. Garold for standing up for what you believe in and I stand I support of you and you family prayer. I prayerfully hope the Farmer's Market will reconsider and let this man and his family resume their wares there, and honor their right to free speech like everyone else.

Darlene Malone



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