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Caissons keep rolling along

     On June 14, 1775 the U.S. Army was formed. They fought in the Civil War. They protected us during World War 1. Then in World War 2 they again fought for our freedom against Germany, Italy, and Japan. They landed at Normandy and defeated Germany. After VE Day they took troop trains across the country to aid in the fight against Japan. This ended with VJ Day. The Army has also served in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

     Today is also Flag Day which became America's Flag in 1777. Let us honor our flag and give a hug to a veteran. Remember Freedom isn't free.

Tom Spears


Sad state of affairs

     It is difficult to believe the Kamiah pool is closed.  Sad. For as long as I can remember, the city fathers have complained about the cost of maintaining the pool.

     In a small town, a city pool is never a money maker. It is a service to the community, as street lights and road maintenance are. The city pool employs between 15-20 people each summer. It offers swim lessons, well attended water aerobics classes and a volunteer swim team whose members get to travel to other small towns to compete. If teaching one child to swim in our city pool would save one life, that alone is worth doing whatever it takes to keep the pool open.

     Kamiah is a beautiful place to live, but it seems folks are forgetting about the youth here. School levies struggle to pass. Now our major summer activity is gone. Pretty darn sad.

Linda Engledow



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