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Time to vote

     Primary election time is here, May 20. Please give your vote to the following contested candidates who best support the Republican principles of lower taxes and less government: Deanna Hall, Shannon McMillan, John Eynon, Chris Troupis, Todd Hatfield, Lawerence Denney, Jim Risch, Raul Labrador, Russ Fulcher, and Jim Chmelik. Please also support our school levy. That's the only choice we are presently given to adequately fund schools. Please vote YES.

Lucky Brandt


150 years ago today

     Many people are aware our nation has been recognizing the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Much has been written about it and much has been put to film. There are numerous events and people that 'fell between the cracks' of history pertaining to this war. One of my loves is family history research. I found many missing heroes within our own family lines. As of the release of this week's newspaper, exactly 150 years ago today, one such person, my distant uncle Franz 'Anton' Rinke, was in the heat of battle near a little town in Georgia called Resaca.

     As farmers, his parents brought the family to the USA one month before the Civil War broke out. They settled in Racine, Wisc. On Aug. 17, 1862, Anton joined an all-German, German-speaking unit called the 26th Wisconsin Volunteers, Company C, Milwaukee Guard, and off to war he went. Ironically, part of the Rinke family immigrating to America settled in Florence, Ala.; the other side of the Mason Dixon Line. Anton fought at Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Funkstown, Wauhatchie, Citico Creek, Missionary Ridge, Buzzard Roost Gap, Rocky Face Ridge, and his final battle, Resaca, fought May 13 to 16, 1864.

     On May 15, Anton was wounded in action and received a broken arm to boot; most likely from an empty CSA soldier's musket being swung at him during an assault on the fighting lines. The army doctors worked on him in a field hospital until he succumbed to his wounds and died on the 2nd of June. One of his relatives, Jacob Rinke, from the Florence, Ala., clan joined the 5th Alabama Regiment. Jacob was captured and met a slow starvation death at the Elmira Prisoner of War Camp in New York.

     The Greg and Diana Heun family honor their ancestors that fought for this country and died for this country. Long may we NEVER forget their sacrifice!

Greg Heun


P.S. Some details in this letter were obtained from the Sigel Regiment, A History of the 26th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, 1862-1865 by James S. Pula.

Do your homework on Common Core

     I'm a 15-year-old student who is pretty concerned over the Common Core standards that our Governor and Superintendent of Public Instruction signed us youth up for.

     I just recently watched a video showing what is in the finer print of this program. It not only upsets me, but it terrifies and scares me about our future. This Common Core isn't even about getting a better education. It's more about collecting personal data, and teaching all kids to be the same.

     I went to see Russ Fulcher, Jim Chmelik, Chris Troupis and John Eynon at my neighbors with my family and they desire to get Idaho out of Common Core. You would have liked them; I did. They are honest, know a lot about the program, and are committed to fight to restore our schools to better than just like everyone else. I think you kids should ask your parents to vote for these men. I would if they gave me a vote. I personally don't want my children to grow up and all be the same. They are special and have their own unique characteristics.

     Let's give our state back its freedom by using our God-given rights to make the changes that we can for the better. Even if you don't have children or grandchildren in school, I strongly encourage you to investigate this for yourselves at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epo2oWoL7ZE.

Jessi Proskine


Cox for Treasurer

     I worked for Idaho County taxpayers for more than 30 years, the last 17 years as the Idaho County Treasurer. I know the statutory regulations of the office of Treasurer, more importantly; I understand the expectations of the citizens of Idaho County.

     I worked closely with both Republican candidates for this position, and am aware of both candidates' strengths, weaknesses and skill sets. Please vote for Abbie Hudson May 20.

Sharon Cox, former Idaho County Treasurer


Time for change

     The Integrity in Government Pac recently wrote, "The governor that we have today is not the same man who stood up against Big Government. He no longer supports conservative principles. Otter caves in to the federal government and no longer stands up for our state sovereignty. He helped Idaho become the only Republican-controlled state in the Nation to implement Obamacare. This is a critical time for our State and our Nation. We ask that you...consider telling Governor Otter, who has been in elective office for over 40 years, that it is time to retire."

     Former Rep. Maurice Clements, who served with Otter in the 1970s, was quoted in the Idaho Statesman (5/3/14), "Butch is a great speechifier and he says the right things. He just doesn't do what he says."

     On May 20 we have an opportunity to choose a real Idaho First conservative as governor. Russ Fulcher, a fourth generation Idahoan, is deeply concerned about the direction of our state and country. He believes in the industriousness and ingenuity of Idahoans, and wants Idaho to continue to be a great place for both families and businesses. But, Russ fears that the overreach of government—both from Washington, D.C. and from Boise—is threatening our future. Federal policies in the areas of healthcare, education and the environment are stripping decisions from Idahoans and placing them in the hands of government bureaucrats, and Idaho's current governor is not willing to stand in opposition.

     Now more than ever, our state needs a governor like Russ Fulcher. He's not a career politician. Instead, he is a citizen statesman with the ideas and the expertise to curb the overreach of government in Boise and in Washington, foster genuine economic growth, honor our distinct heritage and traditions, empower our families and strengthen our communities.

Jay Maxner


Lay dentists can cause irreparable damage to horses

     I am a licensed veterinarian who currently serves as president of the Idaho Board of Veterinary Medicine. During my practice, I have seen several horses that have had their mouths damaged, some permanently, by lay "dentists."

     In Idaho, only licensed veterinarians or properly trained and supervised dental technicians may legally practice equine dentistry. Although their intentions may be good, lay dentists do not have the professional training necessary to ensure the safety and long-term wellbeing of your animal.

     Lay dentists cannot treat acute medical emergencies, legally diagnose medical problems, or legally provide sedation and anesthetics necessary for your animal's safety and comfort, nor are they covered by malpractice insurance.

     A horse may not ever recover from poor dental work, which can shorten its life and make it susceptible to other health and behavioral problems. Owners who fully understand the risks of employing lay people to perform dental procedures on their valued animals choose the safest and legal course: dentistry by a licensed veterinarian. If you know of anyone illegally practicing equine dentistry in Idaho, please report him/her to the Idaho Board of Veterinary Medicine at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Dr. John Coplin, President

Idaho Board of Veterinary Medicine

Common Core fuzzy and boring

     Do you believe in our constitutional system of government, whose laws have allowed us political liberty since we became a nation? If you do, then I urge you to support Grangeville resident and award-winning Idaho County teacher John Eynon for State Superintendent of Public Education. He is the only candidate who opposes Common Core.

     Common Core (CC) was never debated in Congress, voted on by Idaho's State Legislature, or examined by Idaho's electorate or parents to seek our input and approval. To avoid the many federal laws prohibiting federal control of curriculum, the Obama Administration bribed the states' departments of education to conform to Common Core standards (a set of rules determining what teachers teach) with grants from federal program Race to the Top.

     Bypassing the restrictions on federally controlled curriculum was also achieved by having two NGO's, the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors Association Center, copyright CC's curriculum. So the whole process was a back room deal designed to avoid your input.

     Any honest educator would admit that Common Core is academically weak. Its "Fuzzy Math" approach encourages pupils to construct their own solution to arithmetic problems, even if they get the wrong answer, rather than to learn basic math tables—hardly good job training even for an entry level cashier's position. CC also makes English literature absolutely boring by assigning instruction handbooks rather than worthy classics.

     Mr. Enyon's excellent background in reviewing textbooks will be invaluable in evaluating the private industry that has mushroomed to sell texts teaching Commons Core's content. Since high school students must pass the CC test content ("assessments") to enter college, these book sets, such as SpringBoard, will appeal. Generally they are atheistic, socialistic, ultra-green, and need to be screened.

     If you really care about our students' moral and academic development and oppose the data-mining of your children through Common Core, I would urge you to vote for John Eynon.

Mary Hohmann


Thanks for fixing the K

     It's nice to know that a group of senior citizens took the time and energy to refurbish the Kamiah K, which is located on Hay Stack Mountain and on the property of Larry and Donna Knight. Thanks to Greg and Carol Gibler giving access through their property to bring in the materials from the top of the mountain. Don Belew and his foreman Mike Kennedy and their crew of senior citizens from Laradon Circle with the muscle power of a young man from Kamiah, Dillon Wilcox, did a complete refurbish job on the K. And thank you Jacobs Lumber for donating all the materials.

     The K can be seen in downtown Kamiah if you look to the northeast. If you talk to the old timers in Kamiah you will get a lot of wild conflicting stories about the K.

Dale Schneider


Hall has personal concern

     I am writing about the Idaho County Primary election and specifically the race for Idaho County Treasurer. The current Idaho County Treasurer is Deanna Hall. Deanna is a lifelong resident of Idaho County. When she worked with the "Circuitbreaker" program she was very responsive to the needs of elderly, disabled and veterans participation in this program. Unlike her opponent, Deanna Hall has a personal concern for these people and not only "talks the talk" but she "walks the walk." Deanna would go to the homes of shut-ins or people who just had surgery or otherwise were trapped in their home and could not get out to register for this program. This is an example of why Deanna Hall should retain her seat as the Idaho County Treasurer. Deanna Hall is my choice for Idaho County Treasurer.

Lelar (Fowler) Gravatt


Change takes place in the Primary

     Idaho's Primary Election is Tuesday, May 20 and from my experience very few people seem to know its significance nor show they care. Every four years our State elected officers, Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Secretary of State, and Controller are elected. Turn out is traditionally low; 2006 only 26%, 2010 only 28%. Many people fail to understand that the PRIMARY is where most of the CHANGE we all clamor for CAN take place, NOT IN NOVEMBER.

     In May 20's Primary, Republicans run against EACH OTHER. This is where NEW people campaign against the incumbent officer for an opportunity to BE ON THE NOVEMBER BALLOT. Here is where CHANGE takes place. Tired of Obamacare, BLM, EPA regulation, Common Core, wolves, the Endangered Species Act, Federal intrusions into your life, then the PRIMARY is where you choose new faces, with new ideas, with fresh perspectives. You get my point.

     This year is a special year, the men running to replace our State Officers are supremely qualified to take over these positions and put Idaho back on a track to prosperity and common sense. They include the Senate Majority Leader, Russ Fulcher (for Governor) and the House Majority Leader, Lawerence Denney (for Secretary of State) and Idaho County Commissioner, Jim Chmelik (Lt. Governor), and Chris Troupis (Attorney General) among them. Please study these candidates, THEN VOTE.

Dan Proskine


Fulcher has the credentials

     Russ Fulcher is running for Governor in the Republican Primary. I think he has the credentials and qualifications for this high position. Russ is an advocate of conservative principles, responsible governance, and ethical leadership.

Some pertinent facts about Russ:

1. He is a fourth generation Idahoan.

2. Served in the legislature for a decade. A. His colleagues elected him to be Senate Republican Caucus Leader; B. Governor Otter voluntarily accepted Obamacare while Russ expressed strong opposition to it; C. Russ was responsible for getting the Grocery Tax Credit into the State Tax Code.

3. Was a business executive for around 25 years.

4. Is for limited government and the 10th amendment.

Tom Connors



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