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Abbie for Idaho County Treasurer

     I have known Abbie since 1982. I know with all her different positions in the courthouse, that she has the knowledge and skills to do the job. I feel the people of Idaho County deserve the person who will best serve them. In these hard economic times, gaining interest on money is very important and Abbie is up to that task plus more.

     I would not support anyone who could not do the job efficiently and responsibly. So please join me May 20 and vote Abbie Hudson Idaho County Treasurer.

Debra Alm


Levy unfair to property owners

     How is this levy fair to homeowners, when we are out voted and outnumbered by the renters in this area who are allowed to vote as well? Shouldn't the only ones voting be the property owners, who are the ones strapped with the tax? We have the burden of this unfair tax, not the renters who could care less, because it doesn't affect them. Why don't we see what the people who are actually taking on this burden have to say about it, OR maybe find a way that everyone has to pay for it equally.

     Maybe it's time to ask the question, why throw more money into a system that isn't working? Remember the movie The Money Pit. You keep throwing money at the problem but it keeps taking more money all the time, with nothing to show for it. The public school, which has been taken over by the government, a government which has failed at everything they have tried to run and/or control. Look at Common Core, if you do your research you will understand why states are slowly starting to understand about this disaster. Isn't it time for Idaho to take a good look at what is being taught to our kids, and why are we throwing good money out the window?

     Just my opinion,

Marlous Hicks


Kudos to our cooperative

     Yet again I have to compliment our Idaho County Light and Power Cooperative. This year they wanted to hold their 'local small community' meeting at our Big Cedar Schoolhouse. Jake Eimers set it up and asked if the Big Cedar Homemakers could bake a few cookies and we have coffee and tea. We were generously reimbursed.

     Anyway after the meeting I approached Cliff and told him I had several trees that have root rot and I'd been watching them for several years and no hurry, just when some guys happened to be in the area. "Eight" a.m. the next morning two agile young men were here and when I didn't answer the door they set to work.

     They had three knocked down when I arrived and I pointed out the 4th and they even limbed them! Offered to cut any other as I pointed out a particular one along d/w that's dead gone in the center.

     In other words I am IMPRESSED!

     Thank You ICL&P Co.

Susan A. Stephens



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