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We should repay our debt by voting YES

     Regarding the upcoming vote for the Kamiah School Levy: Please vote YES. I regard it as a payback obligation. We have all benefited and prospered from our own education. And we got it for free. Someone else paid for it when we were kids. If you can read this, you can read it because of that free education we all received. Now it's our turn.

     I have been in that school. I am here to tell you that no money is wasted. The Kamiah school system operates on less than a bare bones budget. So help those kids get a fair shot at a quality education just as the people who came before us gave us our free opportunity.

     Anyone who ever was a kid or ever had a child is a debtor to the educational systems and to those people who paid for them. It is time to repay some of that debt.

     That is the honorable thing to do. Please be honorable March 11. Vote YES.

Fred Kuester


Make a difference with your vote

     Well unfortunately the distraction of the YEA Seahawks playing and winning the Super Bowl is over, and for most of us were jolted back into the real world of the bad economy, high prices, unemployment, and the constant struggle to make ends meet, in contrast to Washington, D.C. telling us how great everything is.

     For many the last six years this has been a way of life. The families lucky enough to have jobs with employer provided medical insurance that may pay part of their premium were lucky. Of course this is all changing and is uncertain for most families, the nightmare is beginning for families dealing with higher premiums, higher deductible, and many personal concerns with these exchanges.

     We can do better for Idaho. Complaining won't fix anything. This is an election year, instead check out the candidates wanting to change some of these things, and ask them questions on the issues, know their principles.

     You can have an R by your name but when the pressure is on know the ones that their principles will hold strong.

     Russ Fulcher is one of these men for Governor of Idaho.

Rebecca Crea


District has not made my choice easy

     So Kamiah School District is again asking for the property owners to fund another levy. I must admit I am not sure how to feel about it or how to vote.

     On one hand, my desire is to support the kids of our community as well as the hard working underpaid teachers that spend thankless hours preparing and teaching our children.

     On the other hand, how can I be expected to continue to fund a school that has no music program, no art program, and no drama program yet continues to fully fund sports without ever a mention of cutting those programs.

     In my opinion, a well-rounded education includes music, art, and drama as well as sports. Not every child is a natural athlete and sometimes even the ones that are, if they are not from the right family, are not given a chance to prove themselves. People have argued that sports provide more opportunities for college but that is a myth. There are just as many music, art, and drama scholarships available as there are sports scholarships.

     Nepotism runs so deep within our school district and I have a hard time fully backing an administration that will get rid of a capable counselor due to "budget concerns" and then immediately hire the superintendent's daughter-in-law. In Kamiah it is not what you know, but who you know.

     What would be so wrong about combining districts, and bussing students in or out as necessary? There are several different districts for a small number of communities. Combining them and providing more opportunities may be a reasonable alternative and maybe add an art class or music class to the mix for those students who aren't allowed to even participate in practice for the sports they try so desperately to play.

     If I do vote YES on the levy it will only be to offer support for the teachers and the children of the community, not for the district.

Cata Granger


This senior citizen votes yes

     As a senior citizen, a property owner, and a grandparent, I urge you to vote for the upcoming supplemental Kamiah School levy on March 11. We have an obligation and the opportunity to make sure our kids and grandkids get a well-rounded education like we did.

     Back then, when we were in school, levies were rare, but times have changed and there aren't the forest funds and state funding to provide a decent education for our young people. Like many of you seniors, I so miss the music program in Kamiah. We all came together as a community and were so proud of all our young people. I miss the Christmas and Spring concerts and having our band play at the games. We need to invest in our school, as a community – to make it strong again. We need to exercise our right as American citizens to vote on what's really important to all of us – our kids, our grandchildren, our friends, and our town.

     Let's not become a retirement community. Let's come together and support this levy. I hope to see all of my fellow seniors at the polls!

Suzy Kludt


Voting yes is a start

     We were looking through our old Facebook posts and ran across this one from May 16, 2012. "On our way to school this morning, my sweet 8 year old told me, 'Don't worry mom, if the levy doesn't pass, Dad will help fix the middle school's roof."

     That levy didn't pass. He is almost 10 and we are still worrying. This time though, it's about keeping the lights on under that roof. We understand times are tough. We are right there with you. However, as hard as the increase will be for us, we are still voting yes.

     We wish this money wasn't to keep the status quo but to bring back all the things this district has lost. We would love to have choir, band, everyday P.E., more electives, more teachers, etc. Our five children have experienced this loss in different ways.

     Whether it was realizing that more electives could have given them an advantage in college, joining another school's team as the only option to take the sport dropped at ours, having to take classes on-line instead of from a person, or patiently keeping their fingers crossed hoping choir comes back so they can sing or band so they can play an instrument, they have felt it.

     We know that having our children taught by some of the best teachers out there has been worth all the hurdles. It doesn't stop us from wanting to fix the problem though. Voting yes on this levy is a start.

John and Jen Wilcox


Hoffman to speak on Obamacare

     We see abuse of strength and power and feel no confidence in what is now going on in the White House.

     Because of this the Idaho County Republican Central Committee has asked Wayne Hoffman to come and speak on Obamacare.

     He leads the Idaho Freedom Foundation, Idaho's only think tank for conservative principles. He examines existing statutes and regulations and seeks private sector solutions to many challenges facing us. This foundation receives no government funding.

     Mr. Hoffman will be speaking at our Lincoln Day Dinner on March 8, 2014 at the Greencreek Community Hall. Tickets are available by calling 983-0313 or 963-3519.

Betty Alm


Weak apology

     I was glad to read Mrs. Kludt has semi-explained her comments about the quality students and families in Kamiah. Not strong enough for me and I'm sure many others of the community.

     I'm also sure that one of the quality students left Kamiah to play on a better basketball team instead of getting a better education. If last year's team was still intact she most likely would be on it. Does that teach students it's OK to jump ship for greener pastures?

     About the levy to be voted on next month. It seems they asked for around $200K last time and now it's $650K. What is up with that? I for one would like to see a complete budget breakdown and a list of ALL monies collected from all agencies. This would help some of us to make a proper decision on this matter. The charts were informative but would like to see other information.

     There are many retired people living here and they have helped vote down the levies so far. We are not against the school district and would like to see the district stay solvent and the students get a good education. We have always fought against raising taxes.

     Business people in this community can make up for higher taxes by charging more for their products and will I'm sure. Seniors then will be hit with higher taxes and prices which are already on the rise. Some articles I have read kind of suggest that the levy might be for just one year and another suggests that it will be ongoing with raises. Once the door is open it will be hard to close.

     My only suggestion is to work very hard to seek more funds from the State and or Federal government if the levy fails again. Lets all hope that everything works itself out for us ALL.

Lloyd Pozder



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