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Time to pay it forward

     “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people…They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty

--Thomas Jefferson

     I am a property-owning, tax-paying Idaho County citizen that will be voting “Yes” for the upcoming Kamiah School District levy on March 11, 2014.

     It is my understanding that this levy could be a make-or-break situation for the Kamiah School District. Without the levy monies to supplement the District, the Kamiah schools could close. Not only would this be a massive disservice to our local children, but our community as well, through the loss of not only our community pride, but Kamiah’s largest single employer.

     As a product of the Idaho school levy funding system (Orofino High School class of 1992), I feel compelled to support my local school district. Having gone through the same system, where local taxpayers shouldered the burden of my education, I feel it is my obligation to repay that debt that was “paid-forward” for me, by helping to further the education of our local school children. All members of local society that have gone through this system, and any that received an education from a taxpayer based school funding system (military children, neighboring school districts, etc.) are obligated, in my opinion, to repay that debt and pay it forward.

     Someone helped pay for your education, now it is your responsibility to help today’s school children by voting “YES” on March 11.

Justin Bretz



OUR kids are worth whatever it takes

     I am a very concerned parent devastated by the current situation of the school system here in Kamiah. Many rumors exist about the upcoming levy we must pass to offset the terrible deficit our school faces due largely to underfunding at the state level. The future of our school depends on it. The other communities in our area have bravely pulled together to VALUE EDUCATION and support the much-needed programs that give our children experiences and opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise.

     In our town almost all of these opportunities come from the school. The school is the hub of a small community. It is what brings young families in and keeps the town alive and thriving. I think if we pull together as a community and decide to SUPPORT OUR SCHOOL we can hope for a brighter future.

     I fear that if we don’t start now—ask questions, and get educated about the devastating state of our school—the future will look very bleak indeed. I have seen this town pull together for things they deem important and now is the time to rally around OUR school. I know that although a little town is small it can be MIGHTY. Let’s stand together, get involved, and invest in our future! Take action! Be a part of saving OUR school!

     Living in a small town SHOULD NOT come at the price of a quality education. I believe our school continues to provide this—ONLY because of our excellent experienced staff. We are at bare bones now…and there is nothing else to cut. Please take the time to put the rumors to rest and learn how and why OUR school is in trouble.   Choose to stand up and ensure that OUR school provides a quality education—because the FUTURE of KAMIAH depends on it.

     Please voice that OUR KIDS ARE WORTH WHATEVER IT TAKES! Get the facts and make an educated YES vote. Let’s keep Kamiah on the map—proud, strong, and a force to be reckoned with! GO KUBS!

Leah Kludt



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