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Love your pets, especially in this weather

To the Clearwater community,

     This time of year, we all have a great deal to be grateful for. We try to remember every family member and each of our friends…with a gift or a card…but too many of us forget the most trusted, loyal and loving member of our families…our pets.

     They don’t want a stocking or a card or even a toy. What they do want is to be remembered. To be loved in return. To get a pat, or a hug…a kind word. We are all expressing how cold it is…yet too many leave their pets outdoors…some even tied to a tree. 

     Can’t you find it in your heart to provide some sort of shelter? A blanket in the garage or on a closed in porch…the laundry room, the basement…anywhere would be so welcome!! Is it too much to ask that you feed your pets? And maybe a little extra…a lot of calories are burned just trying to keep warm.

     Remember, if it is too cold for you to sleep out in the yard, it is too cold for your pet!! Your pet is not a yard ornament. These are not soulless beings; they are living, breathing FEELING creatures that you have brought into your life. Now the responsibility of caring for that pet in a humane, loving way is yours. You will find that you are rewarded many times over for your compassion.

     “You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you they will be there long before any of us” (Robert Lewis Stevenson). Merry Christmas to us all…four legs or two, feathers, fur or fins. 

Carol Kurtz



Grateful for firemen

     Kudos to the Kamiah Fire Department. Last Saturday my smoke alarms were going crazy. I call the fire department and they arrive promptly and checked my whole house for any sign of fir. It was only dead batteries in my alarms, but I was proud of the firemen. Just a reminder to all be sure to check your smoke detectors often and replace old batteries. Thank you to our Kamiah firemen for putting my mind at ease.

Re Thibault



Thankful for a home

     Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, December 7, and Christmas are strongly woven into the fabric of my life. My father, Andrew Blaine Millward, was a Navy careerman and he and his seven brothers served in various branches of the military during WWII and the Korean War.

     My son, Preston (Pete) Rencehausen, made his career in the Marines and then the Navy and his son, Eric, is in the Army. I honor them and many of my cousins, male and female, who chose to wear the uniform of the US of A military.

     I am a Pearl Harbor survivor. We lived two blocks from the harbor and when dad heard the Japanese planes approaching he rushed form our apartment to his duty station. It was three months later before we heard from him again.

     Following the bombing and the moving of families into the hills with host families, it was two weeks before mother could let relatives in California know that we were okay.

     My first Christmas, December 1941 we set sail aboard the first evacuation ship, headed for San Francisco. Thank goodness we had a ‘home’ to go home to. Years later we were also evacuated from Guam at the beginning of the Korean War.

     These four dates mean a great deal to me and I shudder when I hear people downgrade our servicemen and women or misuse and abuse freedoms when Christmas is challenged as just another holiday. I am proud to be an American. I will uphold my rights and freedoms and I will honor Christmas with a deep love for a babe born so humbly, who would, in the end, give His life that, no matter how rough it gets here we all have a ‘home’ to go home to.

     May you all be blessed with good memories at this Christmas season.

Pat Rencehausen


     PS And I would like the staff of The Clearwater Progress to know how much I enjoy the paper. Thank you for the work you do.


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