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Can I get a prize too?

     We all know that days get shorter in winter. I finally figured out why. SNOW! Snow and ice are slippery and that allows the world to spin faster, thus...shorter days. In the spring, when grass grows and the surface gets all bumpy, the spinning world slows down again for longer days.

     If Obama qualifies for the Nobel Peace Prize, this discovery should surely be a shoe-in for a Nobel in physics or astronomy or maybe a Pulitzer. I’m waiting for them to call.

Keith Borgelt



On the matter of banning guns...

     The only condition on which I would support government banning private people’s weapons of self-defense is that then NO PERSONS be so armed.  Not sheriffs, not police, not the military, not prison personnel nor security guards, and certainly not politicians or bureaucrats.  No guns for nobody!  How’s that for a solution?!  Might not do much for the crime problem, since criminals pay no mind to regulation anyhow.  But it surely would go a long way toward eliminating the burgeoning police state now threatening us.

     “Tongue in cheek?” Yes, but I make my point.

     Just what part of the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed to the tyrants and the gullible not understand? Notice that “arms” is unqualified, totally unrestricted!

     Better study events of history and be not fooled. Soul-less control freaks care not one whit for victims of gun violence. They are but lying psychopaths who crave power, torture and death. Realize what’s happening, and what is at stake. Government and media forces with ulterior motives will always utilize real tragedies (often secretly orchestrated or at least facilitated by they themselves) as pretext to then “necessitate” restriction and elimination of innate rights such as legitimate self-protection.

     So, hold onto your guns and ammo. Speak out against both evil and naive efforts to render you defenseless. Otherwise, once guns are confiscated in America, genocidal bloodbaths will follow, as surely as has occurred in numerous other nations, in just such orchestrations of the past—none greater than in our own, very bloody 20th Century.
Thank you.

Carol Asher



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