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Numbers don’t add up Herm

     I am disturbed by Mr. Yates’ disregard for the truth about our Mealsite. In his statements to the Kiwanis Club last week, he states, “The meal program is only partially funded by the government … Other ... sources [like] dues, building rental …, chili feed and spaghetti feed …, pinochle revenue, grants and memorial donations [which] still do not cover the expenses.”

     The truth is, the only support to Meal program are from the government, donations from sit-down and home meals. ALL other sources that Mr. Yates pontificated on go to the Society NOT the Mealsite.

     He states the cost of each meal is $5-$6. Truth is, approximately $1.75. So where does he get the $5-$6 figure? Hmmmm.

     Mr. Yates also spouts the “suggested meal price is $4.” Does Mr. Yates [know] if the Mealsite insists on quoting a specific amount they will be in violation with their contract with Idaho Food Bank. Since 60-70% of meal costs come from Idaho Food Bank food, if we lost that, we will most definitely lose our contract with them and the FREE food we are blessed with.

     I have one question for Mr. Yates, who is so generous to throw careless accusations out, “Why, in Kiwanis article he says, “…members passed a hat … and collected $170 plus a “gift” from the Kiwanis. Yet, in the “Over-the-Hill Gang” article, it states, “The … Kiwanis …passed the hat, netting $80...” Where is the other 90+ dollars, Herm? Plus the monies from the Kiwanis Club itself?

                 Pamela Laird



Editor’s note: Corrected information has been submitted in this week's Over-the-Hill Gang column.


Send baboons to the zoo

     We live in a country that once was the most prosperous in the world. We live in a country where the President will not stand up and tell the truth, that we are totally bankrupt.

     A group of cows is called a herd.  A group of lions is called a pride.  A group of owls is called a parliament. A group of baboons is called a congress. The baboon is the most vicious animal in the world.

     We have 535 baboons running this country. What is the punishment for this group of baboons that are destroying our country? How about life in the zoo behind steel bars?

Gary Willson



Seeing is believing

     Last week, I witnessed something that will forever change my life—for the better. On three successive nights, I observed men, women and children of the Nez Perce Tribe fighting for their treaty rights, fighting for our ever-fading democracy, and fighting to prevent U.S. Highway 12 from becoming a permanent high-wide industrial corridor.

     I witnessed leaders of the Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee put their bodies in front of a 600,000 lb. truck and get arrested. I witnessed women with newborn babies strapped to their chest standing in the middle of the highway confronting multi-national corporations for trespassing. I witnessed children carrying protest signs and placing rocks in the road as a machine the size of a football field barreled towards them.

     Not to be forgotten, I saw dozens of Idaho State Police officers, county sheriffs, and tribal police officers provide a red-carpet escort for the Omega Morgan megaload. Regrettably, I witnessed our federal government fail to honor tribal treaty rights, fail to enforce federal law(s) and completely whiff on an opportunity to defend its citizens against corporate tyranny.

     I proudly stand with the Nez Perce and everyone else fighting the good fight on Highway 12. I got your back.

Brett Haverstick



What security?

     Thank you for printing the recent guest editorial that excuses and does damage control for the NSA’s unlawful spying on Americans. The article is a good example of using distractions (red herring) like the Amash amendment to cover the real issue: no credibility.

     When we have so many incidents of our government’s refusal to protect its citizens from terrorism (9/11, Fort Hood Massacre, Boston marathon Massacre, over 30 known jihadist terror training camps dotting our country as documented by Martin Mawyer’s book Twilight in America, open borders for terrorists policy, use of drones, etc. ad nauseum), why does the writer of this editorial in a highly condescending manner try to assure us that he shares our concerns and that a reasonable approach and more debate (compromise) among the appropriate political agents will solve the problem of national security?

     The editorial is a perfect revelation of why we no longer have any national security.

Mary Hohmann



Why risk wilderness for oil profits

     Several weeks ago I talked to two middle age bike riding couples in Kamiah park. Beautiful bikes. They looked, dressed and talked more like farmers than bikers. They said they were from Pennsylvania area. The impression I got was their trip down Highway 12 was the most beautiful they had run across. Thousands make this trip every year and would agree. We who live here sometimes need reminding how special it is.

     Mega Morgan is again trying to bully her loads through this designated wilderness. No care or ability to fix the damage she will eventually do. This is immoral!

     Oh, she won’t seem to do much damage but just as the turnouts were enlarged long before I’ve heard the word “megaloads” there will be those who will rub her back for a dollar.

     A little straightening here, a little leveling there, a little widening and we have a highway everything can zip through.

     Canada has the ability to build these monsters…just like we have the ability to build/make all the things marked “made in China.” Ask millions lined up for work if we should save large oil companies a few more dollars at such an irreplaceable expense.

Alice Hilbern (a Canadian)



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