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No tolerance for bullies    

     I am writing this to bring awareness to an ongoing situation within your town and so many other places.  

     My daughter and her children recently moved to Kamiah from a nearby town. She loves living in Idaho. Not only are your cities beautiful, but she reported to me that the communities are different. More caring, thoughtful...making living there very peaceful.  That was until recently.  

     She is undergoing everyone’s worst nightmare on a daily basis, that is when a single mother moved in to her neighborhood. She has never met this woman, but this young woman has targeted my daughter, spreading horrible lies, gossip and unnecessary duress in this quiet neighborhood. Making up stories of illegal activity...calling police. Clearly this woman is mental.

     This woman’s children even have approached my grandchild at school stating he was going to be taken away from my daughter. I am the grandmother and am writing this just to remind people that some adults act as spoiled children, probably of just pure jealousy and can take away a town’s peaceful enjoyment by their malicious behavior.

     My daughter is a strong woman and even though the horrible gossip has affected her, as it would anybody, she has continued to hold composure. I am disgusted and believe that immature adults committing such an act only for the purpose of their self-esteem uplifting should be prosecuted in court.

     No names have been mentioned here as this is just for awareness purposes. Adult bullies exist. The next step is prosecution...my daughter will have her quiet living in her quiet neighborhood back. 

Judi Ranck

Fresno, Calif.


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