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It’s time for a fair tax  

     We are well aware of the self-interest of Washington in keeping the income-tax system going strong, but Senators and Representatives were elected to serve the citizens of the United States not themselves.  The FairTax, a national consumption tax, will replace our broken, corrupt and punitive income-tax system.
     Alexander Hamilton said, “All duties upon articles of consumption, may be compared to a fluid, which will, in time, find its level with the means of paying them.  The amount to be contributed by each citizen will in a degree be at his own option, and can be regulated by an attention to his resources.  The rich may be extravagant,  the poor can be frugal.  It is a signal advantage of taxes on articles of consumption, that they contain in their own nature a security against excess.”
     Under the FairTax, almost everyone wins because the tax base itself is greatly expanded and government will receive the same amount of revenue.  When more people pay into the system, the burden on almost all individuals is reduced.
     Please inform yourselves on the FairTax by reading the following and going to www.fairtax.org:
     ·        The FairTax urges all Americans to take a stand for a new "right," the right for a fair tax for all Americans.
     ·        The FairTax should not be considered a "party" issue. The need for a new tax system is an issue that affects all Americans.
     ·        The FairTax ensures that all Americans pay their fair share of taxes. Everyone is subject to the same consumption tax rate (23 cents of each dollar of retail spending) with no exceptions and no exclusions, and those least able to share in the cost of government carry no federal tax burden.
     ·        Exempts all taxpayers from federal taxation up to the poverty level, through a monthly rebate.
     ·        Enables workers to keep their entire paychecks.
     ·        Enables retirees to keep their entire pensions.
     ·        Makes American products more competitive overseas because American exports would not be taxed to the extent that they are today.
     ·        Brings transparency and accountability to tax policy.
     ·        Ensures Social Security and Medicare funding.
     ·        Removes the need for the IRS.
     ·        Closes all loopholes and brings fairness to taxation. There's no hiding from the FairTax system. Anyone who makes a purchase of new goods or services pays the required tax. This includes those who hide money so they don't have to pay taxes, those who are in our country illegally, and criminals who make their money through illegal means.
     ·        Frees up the time wasted on filling out cumbersome IRS forms.
     ·        Makes taxation of income unconstitutional by repealing the 16th Amendment.
     ·        Dramatically lowers tax rates for low-income and middle-income Americans.
     ·        Makes taxes visible by eliminating hidden income and payroll taxes in consumer prices.
     ·        Enables families to save more for home ownership, education, and retirement because they are now getting their entire paycheck.
     ·        Leaves unchanged the amount of money raised by the federal government.

     ·        The FairTax increases individual purchasing power, making it easier to get ahead financially by eliminating: the individual income tax, the payroll income tax, the estate tax and the gift tax, capital gains taxes, the alternative minimum tax, the self-employment tax, and the corporate income tax.  

           Jay and Lee Wilson



Let’s stop Common Core

     Last Saturday I went to a meeting in Orofino about “Common Core Education” and was very surprised and upset at what has been going on in our schools. The changes that have been implemented that will affect our children and grandchildren I hope everyone will look up the following sites and find out for themselves what is going on.

     We really need to stop this in Idaho; some states have already backed out of this awful program. Right now in Idaho we already have two classes being taught, one of which is math. When my granddaughter told me that it did not matter if she had the right answer or not, she just had to be able to tell how she came up with the answer I thought she was lying. She was not! That is Common Core. I called and apologized to her.







Joy Hall



We need new oars

     Do we wonder why the Department is broke and crying to the Green’s for $?????? Do we wonder why sportsmen and sportswomen are pi---- off??????? Please take a look at how we manage our wildlife. Go to Idaho For Wildlife web page and look at the elk harvest for the last few years. You will soon see why no one comes to Idaho to hunt elk or anything else.

     Boy—guys and gals—we are really tearing up the non-resident elk tag sales.  According to Idaho Fish and Game’s own sales report.


     We are now up to 1,216 non-resident elk tags sold. All, anyone with a nickel’s worth of sense, needs to do is look at the harvest reports in the prime hunting areas, that are all down to zilch, and you know why we are not selling elk tags.

     If I were running the ship I would look for a life boat before the ship sinks.


Jim Hagedorn

Viola, Idaho


I may be poor, but I’m rich

     I’ve had a beautiful home with land and a beautiful white Arabian horse. Laundry shoot, tables inlayed with marble, hand made teak furniture, carved ivory. Traveled and had some beautiful vacations. But, that doesn’t satisfy. Howard Hughes, a wealthy man, was so afraid and miserable. You can be very wealthy and very empty.

     Now, I live on Social Security, small amount. Have a car I pray for the Lord to keep it going and Jesus keeps Little Red (my car) going. Amazing. In the world’s eyes I am poor but I am rich. I have the great treasure Jesus Christ. He is the Greatest Treasure. Never will He forsake me or leave me. My best friend, my companion, the love of my life. You see, when I’m a brat, He will say I love you and tears will roll down my face. I will ask forgiveness and I will feel His great love. Amazing.

     There is nothing in this world that will fulfill like our Savior and Lord.

     Oh yes, the road is rough and we must pick up our cross and follow Him but oh, He is worth it.

     One day I hope to race you in heaven on beautiful horses. Hope mine is white. If you don’t like horses that’s OK, we could walk with giraffe, elephant, bear?

Linda Silva



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