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Governments have no funds to administer

     I would wager that every upstanding American citizen sees a whole lot that is amiss in our nation today.  Yet, to play off the old adage “We have met the enemy and he is us,” we good people might well be part of the problem.

     Take, for instance, the matter of government-funded grantsTotally unlawful, yet how many people even realize it?  Rare today is the special interest group that doesn’t, at some point, seek such funding.

     The underlying principle to be understood here is that governments truly have no funds of their own. They simply administer public funds, arbitrarily extracted from the people by various means.

     At every governmental level, strict laws enumerate the legitimate uses of these public funds, private-interest gift-giving never being one of them!

     It follows, then, that today’s whole, pervasive “industry” of government grant-seeking, and commercial grant-writing, is unlawful and unconstitutional.

     Simply because it has become accepted, “standard policy” for governments to distribute public moneys to all manner of private-interest groups, does not legitimize the practice. (Read the fascinating story of how U.S. Congressman Davy Crockett learned this tough lesson from his constituent, farmer Bunce, nearly 200 years ago.) 

     Understand, it’s fine for anyone to ask anyone for support gifts at any time…provided only that the gifts are truly the giver’s to give.  For that, privately funded grants would be the way to go.

Carol Asher



Drive with caution

     Lately I have noticed an increase of small motorized vehicles (including bicycles) using Hill Side Drive to the Beaverslide. Riders are moving rapidly, sometimes two abreast, often single file, with no respect for blind corners and narrow road or how much dust is raised in front of homes.

     This narrow gravel road is regularly traveled by Village 21 residents, pro-gas trucks, UPS, gravel trucks, pickups pulling long 5th wheel trailers, construction vehicles, cargo trailers, and recently a loaded log truck passed my property. I have been almost hit while turning into my driveway by a small red car that came speeding around the blind corner as though pursued by Satan. I missed a collision by a hair and a quick drive off the road. The driver neither stopped nor slowed!

     I have observed Hill Side Drive used by a semi with long trailer hauling oversized equipment, also several near misses by vehicles hogging the center road.

     It is youthful fun to see how fast one can get from A to B. But this drive is not a racing speedway for you young and foolish thinking they are indestructible. Please, for the sake of your safety and that of others, use caution. A 4-wheeler is no match for a loaded gravel truck.

Flora Teachman



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