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We shall prevail despite threats and shenanigans

     Thanks James A. Gribble for disclosing the “big secret” regarding the Harpster fire station’s water needs. Drilling a well is a grand idea but rather than gambling our District’s idle $17,000 in Idaho’s investment pool (which is not insured by the FDIC and puts us at risk of losing our money) why not drill the well now?

     Gribble’s, “If they have a fire I don’t know who they’ll have fight it” indicates the district intends to allow our home to burn to the ground. We perceive this as a direct threat to our health and safety. Apparently thousands of “No Trespassing” signs (even the humorous ones) must be removed. And, his “knowledge” regarding our defensible space is curious; he has not trespassed on our land since engaging in ambulance chasing over six years ago.

     Gribble must brush up on the law. We are no longer a “fire department.”I.C. § 31-1416 defines fire districts as governmental subdivisions of the State of Idaho. Likewise, Gribble must learn the difference between slander and libel and refer him to I.C. §§ 6-701 through 6-714 and I.C. §§ 18-4801 through 18-4809.

     We look forward to Gribble following through with his legal action and to our day in court. We shall prevail when a jury determines that the matter charged as libelous is true, was published with good motives, and was justifiable as patrons are being protected from secret shenanigans.

Grant and Linda Netto

members, Harpster Citizens for Honorable Government 


Don’t miss opportunity to visit with game officials

     On Thursday, May 23 in Kamiah, Idaho Fish & Game wildlife managers will be holding an open house to discuss revising its elk management plan.

     The current elk management plan written in 1995 included language promoting “non consumptive use” of elk. The year before, September 1994, Idaho Fish and Game Director Jerry Conley gave his support for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the Defenders of Wildlife, to release Canadian Gray Wolves brought from Northern Alberta and British Columbia into Idaho.

     This unleashed North America’s largest pack predator into Idaho’s rich ecosystem, and began the biggest wildlife disaster Idaho has ever experienced.

     With Idaho’s wildlife managers hosting an open house meeting “in our front yard” thus giving local residents the opportunity to review the state’s ideas for reviving the mountain wildlife populations.

     On Thursday, May 23 show state wildlife managers that we care about future generations of wildlife, and future opportunities for young sportsmen and women.

     Please attend and voice your opinions with respectful questions and suggestions.

     Stan Celmer



Animal Ark support appreciated

     When we (Steve and JoHanna) moved to Kamiah we were extremely impressed with the good people who live here. Now working in the grocery store, we know most of you, maybe not by name, but we know your faces and we truly enjoy visiting with you!

     We have gotten involved with Animal Ark—we are such dog lovers. And are involved in the helping raise money part of it. We want to express our appreciation to this town, the good people who care and the support you show. Animal Ark had a great bake sale on May 10 and it was in fact the great support from the great people who brings the whole thing together.

Steve and JoHanna LoPresti



P.S. We are in big need of foster homes. If you could possibly help, please let us know.


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