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Please support levy

     I am writing to ask for your support in the upcoming levy election for Mountain View School District #244, which is to be held on Tuesday, May 21. Or, as a reminder, you may also vote by way of an absentee ballot.

     As our District navigates the currents of change, with the impending transition of our Superintendent, as Mr. Bailey moves to his new position in Moscow, and as two new members come to the Board of Trustees, providing a stable financial basis for our schools is more important than ever. I assure you that it continues to be a primary purpose of your elected School Board, working with our administrators and staff, to be careful stewards of your tax dollars. In view of that stewardship, I am pleased to be able to report to you that we remain debt free, and fiscally sound.

     Accordingly, the proposed budget reflects our conservative approach to the expenditure of your tax dollars. It also reflects the reduction of Federal funds received in recent years, and the continuing difficulties we encounter because of tight State funding levels, to which is added the fiscal impacts of Federal sequestration. In spite of the present tight funding levels, we have continued with maintenance and upgrades to school properties without needing additional funding by way of bonded debt.

     We have sought, and will continue in our efforts, to both provide a quality education to our students, and at the same time remain sensitive to the trying economic times we all live in. I believe that the proposed budget, and the levy needed to support it, does just that! Therefore, I am asking you to join me in voting “yes” on Tuesday, May 21.

Harold Gott

Board Vice-Chairman – Mountain View School District #244


Volunteers must be accountable too

     Lucky Brandt’s letter says it all. He does not know Linda Netto because if he did, he would understand that she is the person with honesty and integrity; not Kevin Kehoe.

     Has Brandt reviewed the fire district’s records so that he is now an authority figure with regard to their business matters? The answer is no.

     Simply because citizens choose to volunteer does not, and should not, mean accountability can fly out the window. “Perceived paperwork error?” We think not. Mrs. Netto directly asked Kevin Kehoe to please explain the Harpster Fire Station’s water procurement needs. Kehoe refused to answer. Where is the honesty and integrity in that?

     Patrons do not “volunteer” their hard earned tax dollars to pay the fire station expenses and they most certainly have every right to expect that such a simple, innocuous question will be answered.

     So Mr. Brandt, can you tell us what the station’s water procurement needs are? Or are you sworn to secrecy too?

     Grant Netto and Richard Wood, members
Harpster Citizens for Honorable Government


Exempt from their own law

     When Nancy Pelosi and the other Dem leaders started giving their friends and contributors exemptions from Obamacare, all reasonable people should have known instantly that this legislation was going to be onerous for everyone who could not qualify for an exemption. That is, all of us.

     Now the very Democrats who passed that legislation are trying to secretly exempt themselves and their staffs from Obamacare. I guess they finally read it. Well, why not? They have already given themselves whatever wages and benefits they want and exempted themselves from social security as well. The California teachers union even got an exemption from social security. Did you? Why not?

     If you take the time and effort to figure out how much you paid into SS, adjusted for inflation, compared to what you can get out of it, adjusted for inflation, then you will know why the California teachers asked for an exemption. Social security, like the lottery, is only appreciated by the mathematically illiterate. Maybe that’s why the schools are no longer very big on math.

Theodore M. Knapp



Beware of chemical dangers

     I would like to inform our community of harmful chemicals being used on some commonly used products.

     “Microban” is a brand name for an antibacterial that is being put onto the outside of pencils, coating shelf dividers, the inside of shoes, sponges, cutting boards, cosmetics, toothpaste, liquid hand soap, towels, clothes, etc. (Triclosan & triclocarban are the chemical names included in these and other products.) They are meant to protect the public from spreading harmful germs. Unfortunately, the benefits do not outweigh the harmful effects on our brains, our reproductive systems, and our immune systems.

     Besides that beneficial microbes are also being harmed, and that resistant strains of microorganisms are being formed (“superbugs”), studies have also shown that these chemicals can cause learning disabilities, infertility, breast and prostate cancer, and more--the list goes on. Is it really worth the risk of all these health concerns when we could address these issues with some basic cleanliness and soap and warm water?

     To your health,

Meryl Kastin-Flocchini



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