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Why are crimes dismissed so readily?

     After reading the court records week after week, it’s hard to believe the majority of cases are either dismissed and jail sentences are suspended. Even the fines are sometimes suspended. I agree with CG, where is the justice and accountability?

Beverly Frost



It’s a fire district, why so secretive?

     The Harpster Fire District’s January 2013 meeting minutes indicate that “Water procurement for the fire station” was discussed. The commissioners decided the best avenue to follow was grant funding. No further details were provided.

     Wanting to know what our water needs are, several written requests for information were mailed. Finally, Commissioner Kevin Kehoe responded that he was under no obligation to answer because our question fell outside Idaho’s Public Records requirements.

     As Regional 2 Director and VP of the Idaho State Fire Commissioners’ Association, Kehoe wrote in their 4th Quarter 2012 newsletter “The Blaze” that minutes reflect things that are to be addressed as a public entity in order to protect districts from any liability and to show the regularity of business with a written record. “The minutes should reflect in a ‘capsule’ format what you are doing at your meeting without putting yourself in a ‘got-ya’ situation.”

     In other words, Kehoe encouraged members be vague thus avoiding litigation. In reality, minutes should provide enough detail so those unable to attend can understand what transpired. Minutes should simply state the truth!

    Kehoe also wrote, “…it is much easier to keep everything above board and transparent…” Kevin Kehoe is a hypocrite. Why is Kehoe not being “above board” and “transparent?” What’s so secretive about the fire station’s water needs? Does he believe that taxpayers have no right to know their own business?

     Kehoe was elected to manage the people’s business affairs. He is not a king or dictator with supreme power and absolute control. We do not live under a communist flag. What happened to honesty, integrity, and accountability to patrons who are paying the bills? Does Kehoe hold such little regard for the court of public opinion that he believes his foolhardy behavior is productive?

     There is a substantial public interest in the ability to secure an accounting from public servants to garnish public trust. Kehoe’s foolhardy conduct is repugnant. Let’s hope his response to fires is more noble.

Linda Netto, Member
Harpster Citizens for Honorable Government
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Taz clarification

     Somehow my letter to the Idaho County Commissioners, in going to The Clearwater Progress, dropped some of its content.

     I thought I’d mentioned that the annual Brush Hog was my Tazmanian Devil.

     Concerning the toboggan. It was left and snowplow hit and splintered it and parts were buried in snow. As they surfaced I’d gathered them into a pile and was going to collect until they got shredded.

     Susan A. Stephens


     Post Script: After the letter went to Commissioners most of the lime green toboggan parts got picked up and the unsightly long stubs left on Red Fir by d/w got cut off correctly [and left on the d/w].

     Thank you Clearwater Progress and Idaho County Commissioners.


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