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Disturbed by tree desecration

     Dear Idaho County Commissioners,

     Enclosed please find a few pictures that I took along Red Fir Rd., the part that used to be Schoolhouse Rd.

     The Tasmanian Devil came through a couple weeks ago. I walk that road most every day and the desecration left hurt my eyes. Branches way too high to hurt anything were shredded off. Dead branches are shredded. Debris left in ditches to plug up the coming rainfall so that it comes over the road. Debris left on roads. Branches left hanging by threads to turn red and be really obvious.

     This is what ticked me the most I guess. Some tobogganer had abandoned them in a pile until I remembered to bring a bigger bag with me. Taz hit it instead. Now I have a zillion tiny pieces to gather.

     Some of you should take a ride up some of the back country roads and view the eyesores occasionally.

Susan Stephens



How can we reject our building blocks?

     My daily reading of the newspapers has left me perplexed and asking myself, “How did we get here?”

     Capitalism, Liberty, Personal Property, Profit, Individual Responsibility—these were once valued in American society as building blocks to happiness and prosperity. How is it that we’ve reached the point where so many Americans have let themselves be brainwashed by Liberals into thinking these are bad, even here in Idaho County?

Skip Brandt



Who loves you?

     Did you know that the love you really long for—really, really long for, can’t be filled by the things of this world. I remember trying to get excitement and satisfaction by gambling, many turn to drugs, alcohol. It doesn’t satisfy so you want more. Some buy things to make them feel good. Some are addicted to sex or perversions. Some run to food to feel satisfied.

     There is longing in our hearts, the pain in our hearts when everything seems to fail. But we want someone to care and love us.

     There is a hole in our hearts that longs so much to be loved. God made us that way. Only He can fill that emptiness.

     I remember I never felt loved my whole life until I met Jesus Christ. Oh, my how much He loves us. He will never forsake us.

     Please ask Him to forgive yours sin and be the Lord for your life. Hand over your life to him. There is not sin He won’t forgive and cleanse you from. You’ll have a Father who loves you and will help you start again. You will have a reason to live and serve Him. Plus a heavenly home to look forward to. He will dry all your tears. For He loves you so.

Linda Silva



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