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Youth need frills too

     I believe that Lana Hiemstra was referring to sports as a frill that the school should cut out.
Have you looked around to see that we live in a rural area with not much entertainment for our students?

     I believe that sports programs help to keep our children off the streets and keeps them focused on being the best students they can be. Some students need sports to keep them motivated in school.

     Our school is doing a good job on teaching the reading, writing and arithmetic but I believe the so-called frills is also important to our students.

Yvonne Jones



Kudos to organizers of wonderful event

     I wanted to write my appreciation to the Lions Club for their outstanding effort in creating a great community Easter egg hunt for the children of the community in the Riverfront Park. Year after year my children have loved searching the park for eggs full of treasure. I know that this event takes a lot of preparation and behind the scenes effort from filling eggs, staking out boundary lines, and probably the toughest task of all holding back hundreds of children until the appropriate time.

     Thank you to all of the volunteers that have put this event on which is just another great example of what makes our community a great place to live and raise children.

Hunter Mizar,

grateful father



New law a step in the right direction

     Now that Senate Bill 1149 has passed the state legislature, school boards may request that teachers unions annually prove their majority before granting it the exclusive right to bargaining for all certified staff. Ninety-one percent of educators in a recent Northwest Professional Educators (NWPE) survey agreed with this forward-thinking provision.

     This law is a step in the right direction and will promote accountability, transparency, and good faith bargaining. It will also empower teachers to take local control of their negotiations process. If teachers learn that their local union does not have a majority, or, if they want to challenge the IEA affiliate, they can form a “local only” teacher association to bargain for them. This innovative bargaining model gives teachers a seat at the table without the oversight, cost, or partisan politics of teacher unions.

     NWPE, a non-union professional association, can help empower teachers to form effective “local only” teacher associations by referring them to experts in Idaho law and contract negotiations and providing them with nonbargaining support services such as liability insurance, legal counsel on workplace issues, and funding for a local attorney to assist with employment rights issues­­­­. This arrangement gives educators the security and peace of mind that they are protected and represented when a concern or crisis occurs.

     Change is hard, but as teachers explore and implement new negotiation models, it can also lead to a new environment where teachers receive the respect, recognition and reward they deserve.

Cindy Omlin
Executive Director
Northwest Professional Educators
Spokane, Wash.


Where is the justice?

     I am so disappointed in the justice system in our county, state, and country. Murders go free, child molesters get probation and drug dealers get a slap on the wrist. Yet if you speed, be prepared to pay the price.

     I read each and every week the court records that are printed in the paper and I get even more frustrated. I read about this person and that person who get busted with drugs and get their jail sentences and fines suspended. Yet someone goes six miles an hour over the speed limit and has to pay. Where is the justice?

     A few years ago my son was involved in a minor fender bender with his friend. He rear ended his friend who was stopped at a stop sign at a slow speed. He damaged our car but no damage was done to the other kid’s car and my son got a ticket. He had to go to court and while we were there another young man was in court for an alcohol related offense and was given court costs as a fine.

     My son, however, was given a large fine plus court costs in the case. The other kid was asked if he could pay the fine that day or if he needed time to pay it and he told the judge he didn’t have a job and needed more time. He was 19 years old. My son was 17 at the time and was asked the same thing and paid his fine immediately. Where is the justice that a kid who was drinking and driving got off with mandatory court costs only and another kid was given a large fine for a simple mistake?

     Where is the justice when an adult male in our community who was in law enforcement engages in a sexual relationship with a child and gets probation? What kind of message does it send out to other sex offenders? I don’t care to hear what the circumstances were or that “It will never happen again.”It should have never happened in the first place. Under no circumstances is it okay for an adult to carry on a sexual relationship with a vulnerable teenager. Nothing about it is right. Yet the judge doesn’t think it is necessary to punish this man for having sex with a child. Where is the accountability? How would the judge feel if it was his daughter or granddaughter?

     There is so much drug use in our community and nobody seems to care. People can sell drugs out of the back door of the bar and nobody cares. People can sell drugs from their bar stool or buy from the bartender and nobody cares. People can sell their prescriptions all over town and nobody cares. Why are people not accountable for anything they do?

     We all rant and rave about gun control laws, who was elected President, GMO’s in our food, gas prices, etc., but couldn’t care less about the things that matter most. Kids are being molested and their lives forever altered, people are dying from drug overdoses, and murderers are walking free and nobody does anything about it, and apparently it is okay that it is happening in our community. It seems like the only thing that matters within our community is the ridiculous notion that Barack Obama has the ability to personally take away everybody’s guns, which he doesn’t or who is allowed to get married to who.

Cata Granger



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