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Prosecutor, sheriff operate under questionable motives

     I was reading the story in last week’s paper about the Lewis County Prosecutor, Zachary Pall, who has decided to attempt to prosecute a police officer for a shooting that has already been investigated by the FBI, state police, and etc. Up till now, this police officer has been deemed by those investigative agencies to have acted appropriately. How much, I wonder, is the county going to spend trying to destroy a police officer who has already been exonerated by the FBI and ISP.


     A year ago last summer a gang of armed robbers came to my neighborhood and engaged in a shootout over a drug deal gone bad. Many shots fired, many people with gunshot wounds. A home and cars shot full of holes. The next day the ground was covered with spent shell cases, blood, even a sword, abandoned when the genius who brought it found himself holding a knife in a gunfight. Yet Lewis County sheriff and prosecutor could not find enough evidence to actually punish or incarcerate any of these “citizens” for more than a couple of days. Lewis County did spend whatever amount of money it took to extradite one of them from the mid-west, but could then find no evidence to prosecute. He got a free ride home, essentially.

     Here’s a clue; If you are a law-abiding citizen of Lewis County who expects your elected officials to help make your community a safe place to live and raise children, maybe Zachary Pall is not your guy. The same might be true of the sheriff, who tells us that any details of any investigation is no business of the electors. I notice that Mr. Pall has that same attitude about what should be divulged to the folks who pay his wages.

Theodore Knapp


Our vanishing dollar

     The dollar has been depreciated, mostly through inflation, from 1913 to the present day. As a Nation, ‘We The People’ have sat on the sidelines accepting this as an inevitability. It doesn’t have to be so.

     This country was founded as a constitutional republic giving its people liberty and unlimited opportunity. The Constitution set specific limits on what the Federal government could do. It was written to limit the power of government. These limits, either amended or ignored, have been corrupted and shattered, bringing us to the edge of financial ruin.

     From 1913 to this day we have lived under the shadow of Progressivism...Socialism if you will. This Progressive movement has fostered the power of our Federal government to grow unchecked.

     Income taxes were levied in 1913 by way of an

amendment to our Constitution, even though our founders warned never to impose such a tax. Our Federal government assured us that this tax would be temporary.

     Also in 1913 Progressives created the Federal Reserve with the belief it would stabilize our economy. The economy has been far more unstable ever since.

     Our money was taken from the solid backing of gold and reduced to our present fiat currency.

     The Progressives, under the leadership of President FDR, made it a crime in 1933 for We The People to own more than $100 in physical gold.

     In 1971, President Richard M. Nixon divorced our currency from any and all gold backing.

     We follow in the footsteps of Ancient Athens, Rome and the British Ottoman Empire. Their economies collapsed.

     The dollar is presently valued at only 00.02 cents of its former purchasing power back in 1913. It has lost 98% of its value...as was intended.

     Is it too late to return to a gold standard? No. The first major player across the globe to do so will position themselves nicely to dethrone the dollar and create a new World Reserve Currency. There is still time for our government to return to a gold standard if it acts NOW.

Chris Cooper



ACA will not improve care, but it will distribute your wealth

     I feel that I need to explain why I oppose the state health exchange supported by Governor Otter and many in the medical community including health insurance companies. This issue passed the House and will come to the Senate later in the week.

     I believe that the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly referred to as Obamacare, will dominate political discussions for years to come. A health exchange is needed to implement the ACA. The ACA cannot be implemented without an exchange. The ACA will not improve access to care, reduce costs, or empower the people. The ACA implements a new entitlement program that the United States cannot afford economically or culturally.

     An entitlement is a transfer of wealth from those that created the wealth to another class of citizens that have not created the wealth in the name of charity and fairness. (Wealth must be created before it can be consumed or redistributed. The federal government seems to have forgotten this reality.)

     • Entitlements create dependency and discourage independency and work

     • Entitlements change the culture from production and self-sufficiency to consumption and dependency

     I cannot voluntarily support a bill that creates another entitlement. I have several fears:

     1. The ACA is funded on deficits, tax increases, and cuts to Medicare

     2. The ACA will increase medical costs, harm the economy, and reduce job growth

     3. I fear the exchange is an infringement upon individual’s rights

     a. Self-incrimination; in order to buy a subsidized medical policy a citizen will have to supply any relevant personal information. If the citizen does not answer, a subsidy will not be available.

     b. Concerns with future questions about gun ownership. If the question is not answered truthfully, the person could be guilty of perjury. If the person answers truthfully, a subsidy will not be available.

     c. This leads to concerns to privacy and freedom of conscience

     d. The protection of property is in jeopardy with the increased ability of government to remove wealth in the form of taxes from one individual and give it to another.

     I cannot express all of my concerns in this short article. I do believe there is a path forward in the face of this law. First, reject the state exchange. Second, do everything possible so that Idaho citizens do not need to go to the federal exchange. This will allow Idahoans who do not believe in the ACA to boycott the ACA. Third, develop policies that reform the medical industry such as funded Health Savings Accounts, non-conforming insurance policies, and reform of the Medicaid system. I will try to address some of those options in the future.

Steven Thayn

District 8 Senator


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