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My dander is in a ditty

     J. Foley got my dander up last week. He radically altered what I said in a previous letter, then ridiculed his misquote. Sheesh....no fair!

     So, here’s what I said: “If you ask me to name one regulation which is bad for business I might not be able to answer you, specifically. Does that make the statement ‘having too many regulations is bad for business’ untrue? No.”

     Here is what he claimed I said: “a flawed argument is the correct argument.”

     Do you see a little bit of difference there? I will assume he changed what I said out of ignorance rather than malice.

     I will rephrase my statement, perhaps rectifying his misunderstanding.

     Though I may not know exactly which straw broke the camel’s back, the camel’s back was broken due to too many straws.

     Though neither I nor Mrs. Nuxoll may be interested in arguing exactly which regulation or tax discourage a small business owner from hiring a new employee, yet it is still true that excess regulations and taxes DO discourage business expansion.

     Mr. Foley, if you have a reason for why more regulations and taxes are good for a weak economy, lets hear it. Meanwhile, try to keep your quotes more in line with reality.

Keith Borgelt


Governor falls in line

     Socialized medicine is not the way for America…nor for Idaho.

     Quite elaborately, Governor Butch Otter has explained to us that, under Obamacare, he was given three options, and chose a State-managed program as the least troubling. Fine...maybe, but!

     Clearly Mr. Otter has forgotten something, for there is a 4th option (actually his first and foremost option): that of honoring the solemn oath he has sworn repeatedly to uphold and follow the Constitution for the United States, and that of Idaho.

     Neither of these supreme documents mandates universal health coverage, nor authorizes a governor to impose any such plan on his constituency. So where does the Governor get off doing what he has done? Maybe he has forgotten where he lives, and should take his misunderstandings and try out for governor of a place like Cuba, Haiti, China or some other socialist state where an ideology like “of the government, for the government and by the government” rules.

     Our governor is wrong in stating that Obamacare is “the law” and must be followed, for, as he should know, any “law” action not specifically sanctioned by the Supreme Law, the Constitution, is no law at all, but is null and void from its inception. Why did he not simply tell this to Mr. Obama?

     If I remember rightly, as an aspiring politician, Mr. Otter knew the Constitution well, and presented himself as a patriot, a populist and true American public servant. Has something happened to him since then?

Carol J. Asher



It pays to eat your own organic foods

     Why it’s still smart to grow or buy organic:

     Despite the recent report proclaiming that organic foods have no nutritional benefit, several studies have shown that organically grown food has much higher nutrient content, including a U of California study on tomatoes. After 10 years, organic tomatoes showed 65% to 95% more of various nutrients.

     Commercial tomato varieties also have been bread for shelf life and color, which prevents the production of sugars and antioxidants such as caratenoids that give tomatoes the proper taste and health benefits.

     At other studies at WSU, the U of Aix-Marseille in France, and UC Davis, have proved that organically grown berries and corn contain up to 58% more natural polyphenolics and antioxidants. These are natural defense against disease in the plants, and in humans.

     Studies have shown that eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables that are high in polyphenolics can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. While eating standard grown food may be cheaper, we pay for it in many other ways. Fruits and vegetables grown conventionally are bathed in chemical pesticides, which are toxic to living organisms, and pose danger to humans. It really pays to grow and eat your own fruits and vegetables.

Janet Cruz



Bad federal policy will cost us

     The Governor continues to tell us that with a state exchange we will have more control. What that means is the insurance industry and medical groups will have more control. House bill 248 says that they will keep our private information they collect “secure” but they do not say how they will do that.

     “State exchanges ARE under the control of and must comply with the federal government with NO NEGOTIATION OF POLICIES.”

     HHS has the final say about which doctors, insurance plans and benefits can participate. Therefore states that create an exchange are voluntary surrendering their sovereignty to the federal government.

     Why anyone would think they could negotiate with the federal government is beyond me.     Not one of our legislators has recommended an alternative solution except Senator Steven Thayn who presented an alternative using Health Savings Accounts and Funded Health Savings Accounts.

     So far 25 States have said “NO” to a state health insurance exchange and the eyes of America are now on Idaho. Once we open the door to a state exchange and take federal money there is no backing out. I say let the federal government use their money and spend their time setting up an exchange because the likelihood of them setting one up by January of 2014 are becoming less and less each day.

     Whether we were to have a state or federal exchange the costs of insurance premiums will continue to rise at a rapid pace with estimates by the IRS that by 2016 a family of four will be paying $21,000 per year for the lowest level of insurance.

     When 30 million people are added to the healthcare rolls access to doctors and particularly specialists will be reduced substantially.

     House Bill 248 smells like a barrel of dead fish and to allow its implementation would be a travesty to the people of Idaho. We need to kill this Bill. Call your Representatives and tell them you do not want a state insurance exchange.

Marge Arnzen

Chair, Idaho County Republican Central Committee



Public Enemy

     The state motto for Utah is “Industry.” Hence, it is no surprise they want to bring a lawsuit against the federal government for control of some of America’s most scenic heritage. Utah covets 22 million acres of public wildlands located within the state. The oil and gas industry is salivating.

     Enter Idaho, whose state motto implies “Forever.”The Idaho Legislature wants to perpetuate the ravaging of our national forests and rangelands by drafting legislation that mimic’s Utah’s land grab. Idaho wants 15 million acres of federally owned land located within the state. The timber and ranching industry is drooling.

     Utah and Idaho are two peas in a pod. They got one hand out in front looking for federal handouts, while the other hand is behind their back giving the feds the finger. The return of the Sagebrush Rebellion is upon us. Indeed, America’s heritage and public wildlands are under threat from western states and the corporations they serve.

     If it were up to me, I’d charge Idaho Governor Butch Otter and Utah Governor Gary Herbert with treason. Bring the troops home, and instead put them on the steps of these two state capitals. The real enemies are in our backyard.

Brett Haverstick



Rod deserves recognition

     When looking through the 2013 Business Profile today, I noticed that Rod Pillar’s name was not listed in the Kamiah EMTs. I know that this is the second time and possibly the third time that his name has been omitted. All of the EMTS and Quick Response people deserve to be recognized. They provide a great service to the communities everywhere. They put in many, many hours studying to be an EMT and many hours keeping up with new procedures to save lives, and they deserve all the credit that we can give them.

     We need to remember that they are volunteers. In the ’70s when my husband needed to go to the hospital after a tractor accident, he was taken in an old hearse by one person. We have come a long way since then. I may have missed other people who were not included that I do not know, but Rod is a special friend of my husband and mine and I know how dedicated he is. I feel that he also needs to be recognized.

Eleanor Asbe


Editor’s note: You are right, Mr. Pillar and all the EMTs deserve recognition. That is a big reason why we have included this special section in the Business Profile. The information for this page is provided by the EMT units. Unfortunately, Mr. Pillar’s name was not submitted for inclusion this year or last. The Clearwater Progress does not know why a complete and updated list of names was not provided.


Heston had it right

     Charlton Heston, award winning actor, patriot, second amendment supporter, ardent NRA member, reported in his autobiography on the 1992 L.A. riots the following.

     He got phone calls from fellow actors, firmly anti-gun friends, wanting to borrow guns from him (also instruction on proper use) for protection of families and homes. He also said if his only close neighbor who owned multiple guns, “We would resist with deadly force any assault on our homes or those who live in them.”

     Were Heston alive now I am certain he would be speaking our frequently and forcefully against Obama’s attacks against the Constitution and the second amendment rights of free people.

     Dear James, changing the subject a bit, I used to be pretty good with a pistol, too, but alas, advanced age has left me unable to hold a firearm steady enough to hit the broad side of that proverbial barn. So if you have trouble lighting a lousy, recalcitrant book-match, don’t yell for me. Just flick your Bic. And remember, when Obama has reduced our country to a Neanderthal society, you might need to learn the art of rubbing two sticks together.

Flora Teachman



How logic works

     Flora, I like my gun rights, and I see a real need to defend them. I’ve just seen no real reason to defend them at this point because I’ve seen no real threat to them; the NRA’s business model aside. Just scared people attempting to come up with solutions to try to alleviate their fears. All due respect to former Mayor Olive, he doesn’t have Obama to thank for the rise in gun sales, he has the NRA’s fear driven sales pitch for that.

     I abhor Obama’s stance on partial birth abortion, and I equally abhor Mrs. Nuxoll’s support of a bill that’d have anyone (doctor or otherwise) re-invade a woman’s body by way of an ultrasound probe, especially when I consider the notion of a woman who’s been raped and wants to abort. However, abortion always ends a human life. Humans don’t give birth to seals, rocks, cars or jobs, and the sperm and egg are comprised of living cells, therefore, abortion always ends a human life.

     Obamneycare is going to be difficult, but it’s more difficult because Republicans spent too much time trying to throw the baby out with the bathwater, and not enough time requiring eVerify be a condition of its implementation.

     As far as regulations, I’d be “picking on” John Contamessa too if he had made the same asinine assertion, or if Mrs. Nuxoll had been a Democrat. Her argument wasn’t insufficient because she’s a Republican, her argument was insufficient because that’s just how logic works.

James Foley



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