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Try a better argument, Keith

     Mr. Borgelt, so your response to my question was to say, essentially, a flawed argument is the correct argument? Now, Mrs. Nuxoll’s argument may have a grain of truth to it, but then arguing that fire is hot does not her a fireman make.

     If you take your vehicle to an auto mechanic to check it out because a light popped up on your dashboard and you then go to get his answer, do you expect him to simply say, “There was something wrong with your engine.” When you ask him to expand he says, “There were too many moving parts; we’re taking some out.” Is that good enough for you? Would you continue to give that mechanic business?

     Or how about you go to a doctor and he administers a test, would you accept an answer like, “Well, we’re definitely going to have to take something out of you…please, lie down on the table?” Clearly, you’d run, hopefully with your cash still in hand. Care to attempt a better argument?

     As far as useless factoids go, that would be more like me asking Mrs. Nuxoll “what color was the hair of the first person to ever script a regulation,” not what specific regulations are job-killers and what she plans to do about them.

     Flora, the subject was specific job killing regulations and Mrs. Nuxoll’s insufficient answer. Do try to stay on topic. However, if I ever need a match to be lit with a .22, I’ll call you.

James Foley



Awesome turnout

     The Idaho County Republican Central Committee is expressing a HUGE thank you to the 200 plus participants at the Lincoln Day Dinner held at the Greencreek Community Hall on Feb. 23.

     Also thanks to all who helped pull the evening’s details together, especially to those who donated our auction items.

     Finally we thank our featured guest speaker, Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings who spoke to many hearts on the importance of honoring our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Republican Central Committee Secretary

Betty Alm


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