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I question your all too familiar argument

     In regards to letters from Larry Frank and John Mosher; get out of my country.

     In regards to the letters from Matthew Taylor, there are two ways in which racists, historically, have sought to oppress others not of their race; one, by overtly hostile acts like voter suppression, lynching, slavery, intimidation, segregation, etc., and two, by the more subtle and insidious tactic of slowly diminishing the value and significance of the other’s cultural identity in the form of extending an insincere hand of brotherhood and friendship.

     While the first tactic seeks to achieve its goals by force, the other does so by whittling away at the ‘id’ of the “other.” By supplanting an individual’s sense of worth and making that individual feel worthless and dependent on those who claim to have the superior nature. The English did this with Prima Nocht in Scotland. Racists do it by assuming they have superior moral authority to declare minorities’ attempts to safeguard their cultural heritage as reverse discrimination, and then, projecting their own prejudices onto the minority, begin demanding/arguing minorities give up their cultural heritage and identity to replace it with one the racist prefers.

     When you bring up discrimination on the Rez you don’t seem to be considering that the Nimiipuu are a nation, not a race. Their nation may be of a particular race, but then so are Mexicans, Brazilians and Spaniards. Each having their own laws and customs. The Nimiipuu are a sovereign nation, not a sovereign race.

     Ideally, discrimination would be a matter of safety rather than comfort, acceptance or tolerance, like discriminating against drunk driving or felons and crazies having guns versus discrimination based on skin color, gender identity and sexual orientation or against people with an excess of grey hair, zits, or fat. History, once again, has shown that that isn’t the case, and the lingering resentment between native and settled peoples remains strong. So; while your motives may be genuine, your argument seems all too familiar. It brings to mind a handshake and few sparkly beads.

James Foley



Citizens treated differently because of ethnicity

     Thank you Jennifer Walker, Mathias Helms and Laura Reid for your well written response to my letters concerning the Reservation system. In a previous letter I asked for an explanation for why racial discrimination was okay on our Reservation. The three of you answered my question last week by stating that Native Americans are members of sovereign nations. I disagree on two levels.

     First of all the Nez Perce Tribe is not a sovereign nation. The Nez Perce Government cannot restrict access to their geographical borders, cannot wage war with other nations, does not have jurisdiction over non-Tribal members within its borders, and it is subject to the U.S. Federal Government. The Tribe is no longer a sovereign nation; it is merely a subdivision of the U.S.

     Secondly, even if the Tribe was a sovereign nation and the Reservation was the boundary of this nation that still does not explain why racial discrimination is okay. The Tribe requires that a person be ¼ Nez Perce to become a member which is a racial qualification. Why would any nation restrict its citizenry to a single race? I believe that nations are made stronger by diversity and that is one of the reasons why the United States is such a great nation.

   Sadly, on our Reservation we have two groups of American Citizens (classified by the U.S. Federal Government as Indians and non-Indians) who are treated different under the law for no other reason than ethnicity.

Matthew Taylor



Government by Matthew Taylor

     Race or the teaching that there are different Races of people is an example of government at work. Government comes from two words Govern and Ment. Government means: “To Control the Mind.” The “State” promotes racism or the teaching of “Races of People” primarily through its “State Created Religion Evolution.” The Lord God almighty Creator of heaven and earth says there are many Nations, tongues, and peoples, but all Nations are of “One Blood” Acts 17:26.

     God’s Law is Supreme! Sovereignty is not given by government but is endowed upon humans by their creator and is inalienable or undeniable and irrevocable. The Hierarchical rule of law is: God, Man, Government. Man creates Government with one goal in mind: to protect individual’s sovereign human rights.

     The Indians have different rights because they “Retained” their rights while you and every “sleeping” White man allowed your rights to be traded for Privileges issued by the “State” in the form of a license and for a fee. Examples: hunting, fishing, driving etc., Oh! And it’s revocable at the state’s whim.

     Now you want those who “Retained” their rights to give them up so you can feel “more equal.” How about you wake up and fight for your rights and stop trying to take others’ rights away, which seems to be the State’s mandate these days and maybe yours, it’s their Reservation not ours. About a debate: anytime, anyplace!

            Dana McCandless



     Editor’s Note: The issue of racial discrimination and governmental law on the Nez Perce Reservation has been sufficiently and lively aired at this time. Each side has been granted ample opportunity and space to present their opinions. The insights have been appreciated, but it’s time to furrow new ground.


Make better choices

     It is fun to see a debate concerning global warming in a hometown paper in the less than significant state of Idaho. What possible difference could our views make to global warming? None, until you consider that the world is made of individuals like you and me.

     It is similar to the issue of abortion: If we cannot make it illegal to kill unborn babies, perhaps we can convince one mother to save her child by considering adoption. Every person reading this letter was a candidate for abortion. Your mother chose to let you live. That was a good choice, the moral choice, the right choice.

     Please encourage the women you know who are experiencing an inconvenient pregnancy to make the right choice. The life they are considering ending is not their own. It belongs to their baby. Better yet, they could choose not to engage in activities that result in unwanted pregnancies. A much better choice.

     Concerning global warming, I believe it is a hoax. Twenty years from now, when the truth is allowed to be published, those who support the man-caused global warming issue, will have egg on their face. Carbon dioxide is a non-toxic gas which plants thrive on. It comprises less than 1/2 of 1% of what we breathe (00.34%). To put it into a different perspective, take 20 rolls of dimes, dump them lose into a kettle, then put one more single dime in. That is the difference the scaremonger anti-capitalists are hyperventilating over.

     One volcano or one big forest fire can dump millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. Let them outlaw those, before we allow them to further cripple our industrial base. Increasing CO2 by 1/10th of 1% is not going to end the world as we know it.

     But, an abortion IS the end of the world for one God-given human life. And possibly a lifetime of guilt for the mother or father.

Keith Borgelt



We must stand for what is right

     Recently I submitted to this newspaper a letter that did not make it into print. Upon inquiry, the editor politely explained that, while he personally agrees largely with the statements made, the political tone and broad national scope expressed was considered beyond the local, small town focus preferred by the paper’s owners.

     The letter called attention to three major destructive forces currently plaguing our nation, our planet, and all of humanity, namely: abortion on demand, unchecked criminal actions of government, and non-stop, unjust mercenary wars.

     Far more than anyone else, our own U.S. government is responsible for all of this. The question then is: Are we the people of America to simply continue to look the other way, say nothing, and let it all advance to total demise? Evil never ends unless and until people of good will force it to end.

     Yes, we all love a beautiful, peaceful local community. But what of the larger, traumatized world being created out there? Will we not all be held to account for the global devastation that our own apathy, silence and tax dollars are permitting?

     We each have a voice, and, collectively, the God-given power to positively mold the planet…if only we will.

     Some serious education and awakening is needed. Even the best of people do not know what they do not know. So first, we teach them the truth; then, armed with right knowledge, good people can take the necessary right action to stem the tide of evil.

Carol Asher



Deal with it yourself

Mr. Foley,

     You have stated in writing that the voters of this country overwhelmingly cast their ballots for Obama. He is President. “Deal with it.”

     Let us turn that around. Mrs. Nuxoll was elected by the majority in Idaho. She is intelligent, honest, keeps informed, and is most zealous in protecting the interests of her constituents.

     You have lately turned your attacks toward new victims, which doesn’t make said attacks more logical or accurate in content. My advice (which I know you won’t take) is to lay off Mrs. Nuxoll. She was elected by the majority.

     Deal with it!

Flora Teachman



Death is more certain than global warming

     A recent letter linking the theory of global warming to the possibility of human extinction mentions the public attitude as similar to that of Noah’s day. No doubt many are complacent about warnings of future catastrophe, yet the real likeness of today with Noah’s age is found in Genesis 6:5 “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” Genesis 6:11 describes the earth as “corrupt” and filled with “violence.”

     On the other hand, Gen. 6:9 describes Noah as “a just man and perfect in his generations and Noah walked with God.” Hebrews 11:7 says that when God warned Noah of “things not seen as yet,” Noah “moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house.” Because he believed on and acted on God’s warning, he “became heir of the righteousness which is by faith.”

     So the real condition of Noah’s day was unrestrained sinfulness and refusal to repent. Noah saved himself and his family from God’s judgment, a global flood, by building a huge boat to survive the coming disaster, a task that made him the object of the world’s mockery and scorn.

     So today when genuine Christians warn people that they can die in their sins and go to an eternal hell, as Christ taught in the gospels, they are mocked. Hell is forever and hotter than global warming.

     Christ offers pardon for sin to the sincerely repentant and is the ark in which every Christless person needs to take refuge because death can come unexpectedly and is more certain than global warming.

Mary Hohmann



Time to correct mischaracterization

     I rarely write a letter to your column. But in the two instances that I have, my opinion has been sprinkled with a bit of tongue-in-cheek. A touch of humor does wonders for the spirit. However, a response to my letter which appeared in last week’s paper so mischaracterized what I said that it deserves a reply. Such a shrill and paranoid reaction generally suggests a serious break with reality.

     Lets see if we can follow the logic. My suggestion that folks with a particular worldview relocate to an area peopled by folks with a similar worldview, according to the letter writer, constitutes “slandering and demonizing.” Really? Seriously? Wow! Now that’s a leap even given the liberal penchant for persecution complexes and victimization.

     Back to reality, I submit that anyone who supports levying an exorbitant punitive tax on firearms is indeed making a statement about gun ownership. Predictably, the liberal solution to all things they deem undesirable is to tax it out of existence.

     Oh, and for the record, having spent four years in the military, one year in Vietnam, I needn’t be lectured with catchphrases about freedom. Also, my grad and post grad degrees were earned at two excellent state university campuses. Thanks for asking.

Larry Frank



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