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Free market system would be better

     When was the last time that you read the Constitution of the United States and have you ever read why our founding fathers wrote this wonderful document?

     Our founding fathers understood the power of tyrants and the violation that it brings to the Laws of Nature. It appears that many of our legislators have forgotten that we are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

     The States have independent power as a check on the power of the Federal government by denying any one government complete jurisdiction over the concerns of public life. “The states are separate and independent sovereigns.” So we need to act like it!

     Our Governor is asking to create a State Health Insurance Exchange in accordance with Obamacare (Patient Protection and Affordable care act), the creation of a state insurance exchange could cement this cumbersome, expensive and federal intrusive law in place.

     The Legislature can shield Idaho Employers from penalties by rejecting the Exchange. If the Exchange is adopted it will take away legal recourse from Idaho businesses to challenge the penalty based upon legal ambiguity and also the authority of the IRS to issue these questionable rules.

     Knowing that the Federal Government is broke—why then would Idaho want to take on this unworkable Insurance Exchange that will make the State liable for administration, distribution and continuation of the tax credit?

     Also, Obama has proposed shifting additional Medicaid cost to the states. Can the taxpayers of Idaho pay for all these Federal Programs? We need to encourage more business and industry in Idaho so that we can create more jobs.

     What a better time to return healthcare to consumers in a free Market. Opening a healthcare market requires legislation to undo 50 years of industry supportive price fixing and restraint of trade. We need to bring healthcare in line with other industries.

     We need to adopt the Fenwick-Sugden Plan, which is a free market plan. Idaho needs to be a leader in transforming U.S. Healthcare.

Marge Arnzen



What does freedom of speech means?

    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” This was a rallying cry for those patriots who believed, fought, and died for our freedom of speech. I wonder if last week’s letter writer values freedom of speech or does he only want to be free of people he disagrees with? Does he only believe in slandering and demonizing those that disagree, instead of making a reasoned argument in opposition? What kind of an education did he receive, if he cannot tolerate a difference of opinion?

     For the record, I have never made any statement whatsoever that either supports or opposes gun ownership or megaloads, or wolves, but I passionately support the right of anyone to state their support or opposition of those things.

Janet Cruz



Prove the facts, don’t just believe the talk

     I read with interest the "Business as Usual Until Extinction" letter by Ms. Janet Cruz.   She stated several things as fact because "science" has "evidence" that cannot be questioned proving that unless we radically change our way of life we are all going to die.
     This is the same "science" that a few years back was sure the earth was entering a new ice age, and a few centuries before that was sure that the earth was the center of the universe and was flat.
     Fortunately there are a few enlightened people still left who have the critical thinking skills to look at the evidence, and even look who is offering the "evidence" and think for themselves and not parrot what Al Gore is selling on his road to being a multi billionaire.
     Here are some facts:
     There has been no global temperature increase in the last 16 years despite increases in CO2.
     The earth has been warming for the last 1.2 billion years, long before the internal combustion engine. Global temperatures have increased 0.74 degrees C since the late 19th century.
     The increase in CO2 has been approximately 100 parts per million since the industrial revolution.
     There is 60 times the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere as CO2.
     The effect of CO2 on our climate is like laying a sheet of paper on the ground floor of the empire state building and complaining about the loss of volume in the entire structure.
     Or, if you fill your gas tank with gasoline, the extra distance you would get by adding an additional drop of gasoline.
     On the other hand there is an agenda being pushed by powerful people who think they know better than you do how you should live your life. It has been demonstrated that they lie about data that does not fit into their model.   I urge more people to think critically rather than take everything they are told for granted.

Dale Macknet



It’s important to honor the law    

     Mr. Taylor, You said you wanted to debate with those who disagree with you, yet you responded to none of the previous responses to your initial letter to the editor, despite the fact that we did not curse you and we did explain our reasons for disagreeing with you.
     I would like to appeal to your law enforcement background to help you understand why the Nez Perce tribal members are recognized as a race and why that cannot simply be undone because YOU disagree with it.
     First; Native Americans are the only people who have political standing as a "race" since they are tribal members of sovereign nations/governments. They do not fit into other categories of "race" identification because of this. The treaties are contracts between the U.S. and the Tribes (much like treaties with other nations and the treaty is subject to international law).
     Also, there is Public Law 280 which states "a sovereign nation has jurisdiction over its own lands and consequently also has authority to enact its own criminal laws and civil laws -- although Public Law 280 and federal laws are also applicable." 
     The treaties were entered into after tribes exchanged vast tracts of land and resources for benefits such as educational and health benefits and rights to fish and hunt on reservation lands, etc. A sovereign nation has jurisdiction over its lands and consequently also has the authority to enact its own criminal and civil laws. So, if you would like to explain to your children why, when you choose to live on the Nez Perce reservation, the Native Americans are subject to different laws than they are, explain that it is very much the same as when you visit another country or someone from another country comes to the US. The citizens of that nation have privileges that the visitors do not because it is their home nation. Another nation's laws must be respected and you may not change them just because you disagree with them. You are a guest in their home and should treat the people native to that land with the same respect you would want from someone visiting your home.
     Honoring and respecting someone else's laws and rights is a much more important lesson for our children to learn than to have them focus on what makes us different. I would think you would agree, that even though there are laws that some may disagree with, they are there to protect the vast majority and as such they must be obeyed.
     The only results of your continued complaints is that YOU are creating division and disruption in what was a community of people happily and peacefully coexisting; better than people in most communities do. Kamiah may be "our" home but this is not "our" reservation. It is the Nez Perce reservation and we are fortunate enough to live here in harmony with it's residents.

Jennifer Walker

Mathias Helms

Laura Reid



Government’s racist policies must stop

     In response to Walter “Baloo” Lane’s letter from last week; I do propose that we violate the terms of agreements provided by the treaties between the Nez Perce and the U.S. Government. I say this because to uphold the treaties is a great violation of human rights.

     The treaties call for a separation of the races while God calls us to unity. The treaties call for different rules for people based upon their race while Providence claims that all people are subject to the same laws. The U.S. Government was racist and cruel in its dealings with the Nez Perce in the 19th century, but that does not mean that we should allow it to be racist in the 21st century. Through its treaties the U.S. Government made an immoral promise of continued racial segregation. I maintain that it is better to break a bad promise than to continue living in a system of legal bigotry.

     As no one has yet provided a good reason why my Indian brothers and sisters need a different law than I do; I will continue to work for a day when Indian and Non-Indian govern together without the chains of racial segregation.

Matthew Taylor


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