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Shouldn’t everyone be treated equal?

     Can you imagine what it would be like to live in a place where one race of people had different rights than another? For example, what if there existed a place where one race didn’t have to pay the same taxes as every other race. What if in this same place one race of people were allowed to own a particular kind of business that no other race was allowed to own? Or what if one race of people had different rules on what, when and where they could hunt game animals? Try to stretch your imagination just a little further and pretend that in this same place many violent criminals were not arrested and prosecuted just because they or their victim was the “wrong” race.

     If you lived in such a place wouldn’t you feel obligated to stand up for justice and renounce the status quo? Wouldn’t you feel ashamed that your forefathers allowed such segregation to exist and wouldn’t you want to create a better place for your children?         

     Well, you do not have to imagine such a place because if you are reading this letter, then you probably live on the Nez Perce Indian Reservation where all the things I mentioned above actually exist. I am willing, ready and able to treat all people as equals. How about you?

Matthew Taylor



Term limits are needed

     On Jan. 14, 2013 I read an article in the Lewiston Tribune with the heading Simpson rips Labrador.

     The issue was Labrador was one of three leaders upset with house speaker John Boehner making the January 1 fiscal cliff deal.

     The article also stated that Simpson said there are 15 or 16 members of our conference that have substantially lost credibility.

     Some of these Members of Congress now will be stripped of their committee assignments for having the courage to stand up against the good ole boys and our 16 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT.

     Is this censorship or plain blackmail?

     Spokesmen for Senator Crapo and Senator Risch said this is an internal house issue. I personally think it is a National issue for both the Republican and Democratic party.

     We elect our freshman senators and Congress representatives who have a lot of good ideas (that is why they won the election) and go to Washington and are considered to be in open defiance with the party if they don’t get in line and agree with the system.

     The system is broken, we are 16 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT.

     In my opinion we had 16 members, including Labrador, who had the courage to stand up against a broken system, which is 16 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT and have risked their political careers to make a positive change for our country.

     What we need is term limits to break down this good ole boy system. I am sure Representative Mike Simpson is a hard-working, patriotic American who is in his 15th year of Congress.

Dale Schneider



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