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Why not send teachers to combat school?

     In regards to the recent school shooting, I have heard of two different “solutions” to these horrors. The first is more gun control. This idea has been proven to be not only ineffective, but actually in some cases RAISED the crime rate! This is because criminals don’t follow the law. The second idea is to post armed guards at the schools. It seems to me that having ONE person with a gun at every school is not only impractical but if he is around kids all the time would it not be possible for a kid to knock him out and then take his gun?

     I think the real topic to discuss is should we have publik (not a misspelling) schools? Think about it, whose responsibility is it to teach and protect your kids? When your kids are at school they are being influenced by people who may have a totally different worldview than the parents. And if for some reason we decide we do need publik schools, why not send every teacher to an advanced handgun combat school and supply them with a handgun that they would then be required to wear anytime they were on school grounds. After all, they are responsible for the kids while at school. I suspect this could be done more inexpensively in most schools than paying for ONE armed guard.

Luke Zeida

A Christian



Dump the personal property tax

     In regards to the article in the Dec. 27 paper on personal property tax, it got my dander up. We pay tax when we purchase things for our home and garden and garage, etc. After we purchase them their value goes down if we try to resell them. And yet elected officials think it is OK to keep taxing us year after year.

     When Adam Dornfet, the property Tax Supervisor for the tax Commission plans his discussions I would hope he would consider exempting personnel property tax. We are taxed every day on almost everything, over and over. Enough already. We elect officials to work for us not against us.

Gwen Thompson



Laws against marijuana are tyrannical

     The citizens don’t even realize how oppressed they are till the cause has been lifted. Now it is understood, Yes marijuana is a GATEWAY, a Gateway for the Feds and State Governments to abuse our Civil Rights. Just say NO to this unjust law.

     What other law has caused our prisons to overflow? What other law opened the door to dogs and car searches and property seizures? What other law allows for drug testing in our places of work? What other law causes regular folk to fight for liberty for U.S. citizens? Or causes harmless folks to be labeled criminals, felons, humans less than worthy of civil rights, and our respect, love and compassion? Why? For profit and control.

     This gateway has led to the easy implementation of other searches and seizures in our great Land. Why is the very thought of our citizens losing their guns possible? Because the stability of the Constitution and our civil rights have been rendered less important than enforcing these ever changing Federal laws. Who would enforce gun control? Another U.S. citizen dressed in uniform. Because they are told to, as they have done for 40 years. Why haven’t we/they questioned this? FEAR.

     People do not realize that the only way tyranny occurs in the U.S. is when the Constitution is not upheld by every citizen, first and foremost, whether in police uniform or with the title of prosecutor and judge.

     The Talmud says: “When Mercy is divorced from Justice, this is the greatest of evils.”

Jeanna Gollihur



Unfair punishment

     On Nov. 17, 2012, the Orofino librarians kicked a patron off their computers for three weeks for using the computer for an hour and 15 minutes when they only allow for one hour. There are five computers available. The other four were not being used. No rules or regulations were posted or verbally given except for the day before when the patron received a warning. I lost track of time. Why should I be kicked off for three weeks?

     I called the librarian board member and she referred to herself as Mrs. Scrooge and would not allow me back on the computers until Jan. 7. I asked when the rule began and why others can come in and use foul language in the library and they are not kicked out.

Roy Adams



Make better choices this year

     God made us with free will and choice. Each day we can choose who we serve. Will we serve our savior or our sinful nature? Too often my choices are really lousy. Lord help me make better ones.

     We can choose who we hang out with. We can choose friends who will help us to make good choices.

     Will we say no or will we compromise? It’s hard sometimes. Will we say no, I don’t want to go drinking or do we compromise because we want to fit in?

     Thank God we can change our mind and say no thank you. Lives can be destroyed because we want to fit in.

     May we make choices this year pleasing to our savior. He gives us a beautiful peace in our heart even when things go wrong when we say please forgive me and help me change.

     Look what choices America has made. May we turn around. May we make better choices this year.

     My prayer is that our community will make better choice and oh what a beautiful change we could see.

     Choose this day who we will serve!

     Sincerely, with love,

Linda Silva



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