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It is time to clean up our act

     Kudos to Ben Jorgensen on his Dec. 20 editorial: A Nation in Denial.

     Yes Ben, the calamities falling upon us are the direct results of ignoring the basic tenets of a moral society: turning our backs on our Creator; and becoming self-indulgent in the morass of decadence.

     When 9-11 happened it should have been a wake-up call that the Hand of Protection was lifted from this nation. Instead of humbling ourselves in sackcloth and ashes we pounded our chests and declared that we will rebuild bigger and better.

     The death of 28 people in Newtown, Conn. was a terrible tragedy. Within minutes of this tragedy the mainstream media orchestrated inapplicable and inept solutions for preventing such acts of depravity.

     Yes, Ben, we ignore the fact that we turn a deaf ear on the continuing tragedy of abortion, during the act of which the perpetrator does not use an automatic weapon but the results are the same.

     How about the tragedy of the sacrifice of our young men and women by the thousands in what has become a litany of no-win wars in foreign lands?

     We are no better than the heathen nations which sacrificed their infants and youth on altars built to idols. Our idols are not as clearly defined but they are never-the-less idols of selfishness.

     Lets face it: our government is evil. All governments, over time, tend to exercise unrighteous dominion. For this reason, the Second Amendment was written. It was NOT written to secure to future generations its ability to hunt, but to secure its freedom from tyrannical government. It was written in order to keep an armed citizenry/militia. The militia is intended to empower the people against aggression of any sort.

     I came to the same conclusion as you: we need to repent; clean up our act; and turn to our Lord and Savior. Then, as an enlightened nation, the CORRECT solutions will be found and tragedies like Newtown will cease.

     Judith LeCates


What about the effects of evolution? 

     In regards to the article penned by Ben Jorgensen titled A Nation In Denial. It seems he neglected to cover what is in my opinion the most important result of removing God from our society. This is simply, when you take away God you must replace him with something else. This is the THEORY of evolution. Evolution is by definition a religion. You have to believe there is no God. When you teach kids there are no absolutes, no real right or wrong we should not be surprised when they do things that are considered wrong to us because that is our perspective. Because if evolution is true then there are no absolutes! The article mentions that around 1960 school shootings were unheard of. Is it simply a coincidence that evolution was heavily introduced to schools in 1963-64? I think not! Is there evolution being taught in our local schools? What are our kids learning? Why teach a THEORY that has so many problems that it can not possibly be true? Evolutionists have no true proof of evolution and if they want to BELIEVE that they came from a rock’s slime some 4+ billion years ago, that is their right. However, with no observable proof of evolution and a great deal of science against evolution, why teach it? The answer is simple. Without evolution to explain our origins we are left with God being our creator and some refuse to follow that path - they are without excuse.

Luke Zeida


     A homeschooled, Bible believing 20-year-old Christian


Tough loss

     On Dec. 27 of 2012 I lost my best friend. His name was Stuart, an Australian Cattle Dog/ blue healer. In October he turned 16 and I was hoping he’d be with us for at least another year. A stroke put an end to this hope.

     He would herd just about anything, but his preference was children. Kelli, his owner, was his best friend, however, a fact he always displayed with gusto whenever she would enter a room. I became invisible to him at these times...unless he wanted a snack and knew me to be an easy touch. He trained me well.

     The house has an empty feeling now. I wanted to rush out and buy another Stuart. I didn’t and I would caution against such an impulse.

     There isn’t another Stuart out there, just imposters. In a month or so I am sure we will be in search of such an imposter to ease the pain of loss. Of course, there are no real imposters out there. They exist only in our minds.

     Our new dog will not be Stuart, perhaps not even an Australian Cattle Dog. He or she will be unique with a personality all its own. This will prevent the clouding of our memories of Stuart and keep him safe in our hearts.

     Is there a heaven for dogs? I surely hope so. Otherwise, I should like to cancel my reservation.

Chris Cooper



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