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Lets put armed guards at schools

     We have armed security at federal and state buildings to protect our lawmakers, but why can’t we place armed resource officers at schools to protect our most innocent and vulnerable?

     There are sheep, wolves and sheep dogs in this world. The sheep dog protects the sheep. It does us no good to bury our heads in the sand of wishful thinking and think that we can legislate the wolves from knocking our doors down!

     In the schools that do have armed resource officers, how many mass shootings do you think there has there been? The facts have always shown that both criminals and the criminally insane look for easy (unarmed) targets. The US has always been armed, but with the advent of “gun free zones” or “restrictive gun laws” who do you suppose will obey those laws...yes, the sheep. Someone with murder on his/her mind? No, wolves don’t seem to care about such things?

     I think that we need to return to the time of having more sheep dogs for protection and as deterrents. We’ve always had the right (2nd amendment), but it’s way past time we took up that responsibility as well.

Deanne Likkel Guthrie



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