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Election reflection

     The election is over, and the results show that 48% of the county (those who voted for me), are concerned about the direction the commission is going on key issues. The largest concern I heard on the campaign trail is a lack of listening, cooperation, and availability from the current commission in responding to their constituents and within the courthouse itself.

     There is also a countywide concern about the role being played by the Republican Central Committee and the closed primary which deeply bothers many of the people I visited with. I believe the county benefits from a two-party system where the people vote for the person they want to represent them rather than a party.

     The difference in this election was the Clearwater River valley area precincts where I definitely needed to be more active and engaged. It is tough running in Idaho County as a Democrat, especially in a presidential year where so many in Idaho County start voting Republican at the top of the ticket and don’t stop even when they get to a pro-life, pro-gun, low taxes, limited government person like me.

     I ran for commissioner to work for the county citizens by learning and understanding the interactions with state and federal government, and the private sector so that Idaho County communities thrive. It means serving on committees and work groups, sharing information, and seeking out areas where problems can be solved. Relationships and team building are important to me.

     I want to express my appreciation to all those who turned out to vote for me, campaigned with me, put up signs, and gave donations in my short campaign. I also want to thank everyone who turned out to vote, on both sides. Participating in the voting process is your way of taking ownership and responsibility for your government. I was born here and care deeply for all the citizens of Idaho County. I am dedicated to a bright future for all the people, and I encourage the commission to hear the citizens and be open, available, and involved. I wish the County Commission the best in their work for the citizens of Idaho County.

Jim Rehder


A dedication to poll workers

     What would an election be like if we did not have people who give a day in their life to be a poll worker? They are there before the polls open so everything is ready when we, with our busy schedules, walk in the door to exercise our right to vote and they do not leave until the process is complete.

     The poll worker ensures you are given credit for your vote and takes extreme caution to make sure your vote remains anonymous. They have to follow the laws set out by our Legislature—whether they like them or not—like having to request ID from their friends and family or make sure you are registered at the correct physical address or under the correct last name (if you recently remarried). By being diligent in these tasks they protect our tax dollars from lawsuits for not conducting the election as directed by State code.

     The poll workers of Lewis County take great pride in their duties and I for one am VERY thankful for their dedication to us—the voters of Lewis County.

Cathy Larson

Lewis County Clerk


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