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Just a clarification about the law

     Just for the record, in regards to the Candidate Forum sponsored by the Clearwater Progress in Kamiah on the 25 of October, I was asked a question regarding laws that were difficult to enforce, needed amending or abolished.

     At the forum, the point I attempted to make and apparently failed at was that since we have Idaho Law that already covers “concealed carry”...why would we inhibit law abiding citizens of the county further by issuing “another” exam?   (If indeed an extra was being administered... my fault for not asking that question first!)

     I’m quite familiar with Idaho Law and the reference material to obtain information regarding law. I am and always have been a staunch supporter of our 2nd Amendment...without it, none of the others could be defended which makes me wonder why our forefathers didn’t make it the first one.

     It’s of little consequence now. The voters of Lewis County spoke and I’m very appreciative of everyone, whether you voted for me or not. Every person I met was polite and respectful to me and I hope I returned the same to them. I would like to thank the Clearwater Progress for their efforts in putting on a great forum. Mr. Brokop, thank you for running a professional and respectful campaign and I wish you and the folks of Lewis County nothing but the best.


S.E. Boggie



One incredible game

     For those of you who missed it Friday night’s gridiron classic between Kamiah and Butte County you missed a game for the ages. The obvious excellence displayed by both teams and coaching staffs gave those in attendance something they will never forget.

     The rush of an early lead, the sinking dreadful gloom of a slow momentum shift and consequent surrender of the lead adding to the drama. The instantaneous and thunderous collision between two committed opponents will forever be remembered as “The Hit” by the old and young as the subsequent seasons pass by. The thrill of hope renewed as points are scored and defenses hold. The final and joyful realization that time is your friend and hope turns to a growing and uncontrollable need to hug those next to you and high-five complete strangers (or vice-versa).

     In the end the class and maturity displayed by both victor and conquered in a warm embrace at midfield revealed the virtuous camaraderie of warriors whose understanding of each other’s heart and commitment to cause can only be shared on such a field of battle. Words can rarely describe in short or succinct ways the spirit of that “night to remember” yet it was by one Kamiah Kub.

     The temporary scars still growing red from the friction of turf and tackle, sweat still dripping from his brow and the elation of victory summed up in a few wondrous words I’ll never forget: “...hey Coach, where are [we] going to eat?” I guess the significance of the moment has its limitation. I hope it was a decent buffet--they earned it. Way to go Kubs.

Brendon Hill

Coeur d’Alene


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