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Riggins’ mayor supports Rehder      

     Jim Rehder is one of the hardest-working public servants I know and deserves to be elected to the office of Idaho County Commissioner so he can tackle the issues that affect County residents.

     There are many people in political office difficult to trust now days because they often say one thing and do another, overstate their accomplishments, follow their own misguided agenda or not listen to their constitutes. That simply has never been the case with Jim Rehder. You know where he stands and where you stand with him.

     Jim Rehder is willing to listen, to work tirelessly in finding practical solutions, to remain positive even in conflict, to disagree without being disagreeable and to not be driven by special agendas. He is a leader and a proven past commissioner that gets things accomplished for the people of Riggins, the Salmon River Canyon and Idaho County.

     Jim has proven his commitment to his constituents over the years, he has been available and accessible to meet and listen to their concerns by attending numerous city council and chamber meetings. His strong point is that he gets back to you. There is not a more qualified or better person to serve as an Idaho County Commissioner. And as Riggins' mayor, voter and friend, I urge you to support Jim Rehder for Idaho County Commissioner.

Bob Crump


Anchors Aweigh!

     On the 13th of October, the United States Navy celebrates its 237th birthday. Happy Birthday.

     From years ago to the present, the U.S. Navy has kept our seas lanes open. They delivered, accurately, from their batteries in all of the wars. I personally saw the USS New Jersey fire their 16-inch guns in support of the battle for Khesan.

     VJ Day was signed on the decks of the USS Missouri in 1945. Admiral Chester Nimitz was there. Our admirals from John Paul Jones, Farragut, Perry, Bull Halsey and 31 Knot Burke have always upheld the highest tradition of the U.S. Naval Service. We salute all of those that have and are serving the United States of America. May God bless you.

Tom Spears


Who is misleading Idaho County citizens?

     Interesting how some citizens of Idaho County can talk about honesty and transparency, declare themselves a Republican, even run for election as a Republican and then insist that "voters need to cast aside party (The Republican) ideology (principles)" and vote for Democratic candidates.

     I would say that these folks are not being honest and transparent with the public!! If one does not believe in the Republican platform, then run as candidate that supports the Obama/Democratic Platform, so do not be deceitful. It is because of these deceitful actions by disingenuous folks that we (the Republican Party) have found a need to close our primary election. It is our attempt to have dedicated Republicans picking the Republican principled candidate to run in the General Election. So pay attention to the history of those endorsing Jim Chmelik's Democratic opponent.

Marge Arnzen

Chairman - Idaho County Republican Party


Families backbone of our country

     I would like to applaud the couple featured in last week's birth announcement. They were married. The fad to have babies outside of marriage has become distressingly rampant, and not just in our community, but across our nation.

     Statistics support that couples who co-habitat do not stay together. If they produce offspring, these babies end up in single-parent homes, and are many more times likely to live in poverty, struggle in school, get in trouble, have violent tendencies, do drugs, and end up in jail than the children from two-parent households. This is not just a family problem, it becomes a school problem, a community problem and a national problem. Families are the backbone of a country and children are its greatest resource. Please, please, please, young people, if you are going to live with your partner, get married and stay married for the sake of the children, our community and our nation.

Roxanne Hicks



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