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Newman offers a more experienced choice

     My name is Robert (Bob) West and I am writing this letter in support of one of the candidates running for Lewis County Sheriff and that person is Marshal Joe Newman. Since coming to Kamiah and Lewis County I have tried to be involved in the community and have had the opportunity to work with and become acquainted with all but one of the individuals currently running for the position of Lewis County Sheriff…         

Robert West



Splendid performance

     On the 18th of March my husband and I were sitting in the chapel of the Monastery of St. Gertrude waiting for a choir concert, which I had seen advertised in this newspaper.

     I was not prepared for the beautiful music performed by the Palouse Chorale Society’s Chamber Choir…

Jenny Keyser



Where there is smoke there is fire

     Violation of Idaho law continues at the Harpster Fire Protection District. For the last several years, I have requested, received, and paid HFPD Commissioner, Kevin Kehoe, for photocopies and postage for a variety of public records.

     In November 2011, as allowed by law, I requested Kehoe email records to save time and money. Kehoe denied my request saying the district has no Internet service…

Linda Netto



Do what is right

     Our County Commissioner wrote a letter to the editor about the bridge on Clear Creek that services residents of the Elk Meadows Subdivision. The manner in which he wrote it caught my attention, so I investigated the situation. Dear Commissioner, you are absolutely right that the county has responsibility for the bridge and doesn’t have to fix it. But, Judge Griffin only said he did not have the authority to force you to fix it…     

Ron Andrews


Idaho County Commissioner Candidate 


Giddings, deputies are great assets to community

     There have been some disparaging remarks and insinuations in the paper about our Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings that really concern me.

     Sheriff Giddings and his deputies support and meet with our active Neighborhood Watch Group. They have helped with local problems of theft and vandalism. Several of my neighbors and friends have been helped when they needed it most…

Larry Mills



Thanks for the memories

     My dear patients and friends,

     If I did not have a chance to talk to you in person, I would like to let you know that I have resigned from NiMiiPuu Health. It was not an easy decision, one that I did not make lightly. The time has come when I have to change the course of my life and career…

Andrea Krogh

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