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Vote to keep Frei in office

     Mark Frei is a young fellow just getting started in serving Idaho County as County Commissioner.

     He is a thinker. He has some creative ideas about our troubled solid waste problem. He supports no tax raises.

     He helped draft a County Natural Resource Plan that federal agencies with Idaho County must consult and take into account when taking actions and making decisions on the federal lands with the county. The Resource Plan stresses the responsible use of our natural resources, pro-logging/mining/grazing, for the betterment of the economy of Idaho County, as well as maintaining access to all these lands for recreation.

     These three items show his thinking and leadership skills. I will vote to keep him in office.

Betty Alm


Tribal forestry does not promote self-sustaining communities

     Nez Perce Tribal Forestry by their conduct do not in any way, shape or form promote self-sustaining tribal communities. It was and is evident before and after the fires forestry has no written forest management plan to protect tribal resources.

     The recent purchase of two high maintenance machines costing approximately $100,000 apiece; All the work performed by forestry could and should be performed by tribal members. I think this is misappropriation of funds.

     The contracting with 5 Star taking the tribal member component from all the labor and profit that forest lands yield is mismanagement of resources.

     The immediate removal of forestry manager John de Groot and all non-tribal foresters during general council will be the first step for “real change” sending a clear message to Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee (NPTEC) stating who’s resources they are managing. It is very clear these foresters do not understand who they are supposed to work for.

     I promise these actions by the shareholders will give clear notice to NPTEC and other managers and directors who work for you, tribal member. I almost forgot the last time forestry boys played on big boy toys one of them lost a thumb. Their new toys are bigger.

Bill Warden Sr.


Nation in denial

     One phenomenon of our modern American culture is the “right to denial.” If you don’t like something, someone, or some people, you deny them the right to exist, or you deny an event or an individual has ever existed.

     An older historical example would be the denial of the Spanish Inquisition during which multitudes perished for their refusal to convert to Romanism.

     A current example is the denial of the Holocaust, the systematic extermination of over six million Jews by the National Socialist regime of Adolf Hitler during World War II. Despite overwhelming physical and historical evidence that this occurred, many people deny it.

     There are Holocaust survivors in Israel today who can display their prison tattoo numbers. In Europe you can visit actual death camps such as Auschwitz, whose entrance was decorated with the slogan “work makes you free,” to deceive the Jews slated for its gas chambers and crematories. American WWII vets’ memories describe stacks of the corpses of Jewish inmates in the death camps which those soldiers liberated. Films like The Hiding Place and Schindler’s List document Gentile efforts to save Jews.

     In Israel you can tour Yod Vashem, the museum memorializing Holocaust victims, featuring a dome covered with their photos. Or one can visit Israel this May when Holocaust Remembrance Day is celebrated starting at sundown May 4.

     My first exposure to the Holocaust was during high school when I found a book at the library detailing how the National Socialists made the skins of their Jewish victims into lampshades. Years later I met a Holocaust survivor, a Jewish seamstress with a prison tattoo.

     The right to denial, though increasingly popular in our society, has a bad outcome. Many people now deny the existence of God though evidence of His existence and power is everywhere present in His creation. The Bible explains the eternal destiny in hell of those who deny the Deity of Christ and the efficacy of His blood atonement for their salvation from sin.

     Perhaps that is why the Bible is now denied a place in our culture though its inerrant doctrines laid the foundation of that very culture. Instead of believing the Bible as our forefathers did and learning the lessons of history, we have become national subscribers to the “right of denial.”

Mary Hohmann



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