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Honest and moral?

     We need strong leadership more than ever, leaders who do the right thing for the right reason. That’s why I want to comment on the Idaho County sheriff’s race. Last year, Sergeant Martinez was off duty, in his personal vehicle driving on Highway 12. He was clocked by one of his deputies doing over 80 mph in a 55 mph zone.

     Not knowing who it was the deputy turned on his lights and began pursuit. Sergeant Martinez, realizing he was going to be pulled over, phoned the deputy and said, “Leave me alone, I’m going to get dinner.” The deputy obeyed the orders of his superior, as he was taught to do, and left his boss to speed down the road for dinner.

     Another encounter by a man I know was down by Orofino. Martinez passed him off duty, again in his personal vehicle, on a double yellow line going into a blind corner. When my friend attempted to make contact with Martinez, he waved his law enforcement badge out the window and sped off in a 50 mph zone at approximately 70 mph. These are prime examples of Mr. Martinez believing he’s above the law. He wants to enforce the law but doesn’t think it applies to him. That, my friends, is exactly the kind of leadership we don’t need. That is not the kind of administration we want in our sheriff’s office. I’m not into smear politics, and obviously neither is our current sheriff, but I cannot sit by while people attempt to portray this kind of conduct as “moral and honest”. This is why I’ve chosen to speak up, and also why I wholeheartedly support Doug Giddings for sheriff; an honest upstanding man, who knows how to handle the many different aspects that face one of the largest counties in the nation. The last thing we need is to vote in a man who’s above the law and wants to be sheriff simply because he thinks it’s his turn. These accounts can be verified by witnesses.

Jared Dickson


A women’s view of Sheriff Doug Giddings and Undersheriff Jim Georges

     When the Elk City slide happened it put my life half on one side and half on the other. Thanks to the Sheriff and Undersheriff, they:

     1- With the county road crew got 1199 road opened so we were able to cross.

     2- They did not ticket residents for crossing the slide, as the state wished they would do.

     3- They stopped the boulders from being put in the road across the slide so emergency vehicles could get through. Residents were having to be life flighted out at their own expense.

     4- They helped get hay, mail, UPS, and groceries in.

     Even though these are day to day living things, they show the Sheriff cares about the residents of this county and will stand up for them against other government agencies.

Second view point.

     We live in the second largest county for landmass in our state. Our Sheriff is not everywhere. His opponent says the Undersheriff will be gone if he is elected. Our Undersheriff trains residents to protect themselves and the things they work for. As a female who had very little gun experience, Undersheriff Jim Georges is an awesome trainer. His training is some of the best! As a woman I need to be able to defend myself. I cannot leave it to my husband, or someone else. With everything that is going on in the world women, we need to protect our self.

     Sheriff Giddings opponent ran as a democrat eight years ago. When has the democrat party tried to empower us as citizens? Whether it is over a road slide or to protect yourself as Undersheriff, Jim can trains you. I feel safer knowing we have a Sheriff who cares about the residence of our county.

Kaye Hawk


A.G. needs a nap, vote yes for HJR5

     Lawrence G. Wasden’s (Idaho Attorney General) recent press release opposing HJR5 reminds us of the big baby from the movie, “Honey, I blew up the Kid,” crying “NO NAP!!!”

     While acknowledging that the state agencies’ ability to make their own rules is a delegation from the Department of the Legislature, the A.G. calls any attempt on the part of the Legislature to reign-in and discipline its child, “a power grab”.  The AG needs a nap.

     As an example of the excess rule making going on in Idaho; in 2015 the Idaho Board of Licensure of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors, at the instigation of national lobbyists, adopted rule that removed the Boundary experience requirement from licensure.  This was equivalent to removing the Med School requirement for doctors.  Don’t believe us?  Check this out: https://adminrules.idaho.gov/rules/2015%20Archive/10/0101.pdf. A Surveyor who opposed the rule change had his license jerked by the board.

     Idaho agencies regularly promulgate and adopt rules in contravention of existing Statutes.  National lobbyists know that “you can pass any rule in Idaho” and they send their most repressive, liberal, socialist rules to Idaho for trial runs.

     Like unruly children, the A.G. and his agencies need a dose of Dimetapp, they need HJR5.

Chad and Linda Erickson


Vote for Carlos

     Usually the letters to the editor are fun to read, and I usually continue a great day after reading them.  Last week, two letters kept coming to mind throughout the day.

     First, I was surprised to read Mrs. Giddings’ letter.  With no facts listed, she vented to the public with what I would call “hate speech.” She seems to have adopted a smear campaign similar to that of Donald and Hillary. In her letter, she used the word “local” to shore up her arguments. I am a citizen of Kooskia and proudly consider myself a local. I have lived here for 44 years and taught high school for 34 of those years.  During my time in this community, I have met many, many people of quality character.  In fact, I feel blessed to have the abundant life that I do because of who Jesus is in my life and the community that I am part of.

     Carlos Martinez happens to be someone that is part of my community that adds to the blessing BECAUSE of his integrity and commitment.  I want to know, Mrs. Giddings, did your husband and daughter read your letter before you published it?

     The second letter that stirred me was the letter written by Casey Smith.  My question to you is: Have you ever gone to any of Carlos’ town meetings? He has explained quite well why he started out as a Democrat and then decided to run as an Independent.  Also, Carlos did not categorize himself as a liberal democrat, you did.  Anyone who has attended his meetings can plainly recognize that he is not.

     Regarding the gun policy of the School District, I would like to chime in. As a retired school teacher, I would hesitate to advocate for any policy without carefully determining how appropriate it will be.  When our children are at stake, we have to be very wise about the language of our policy so that our children will remain safe.  Carlos is using wisdom to not immediately endorse something until it is fully analyzed.  It says nothing of his stance on the matter.

     As a person who is blessed to live in Kooskia, I am proud and excited to say that I will vote for Carlos Martinez.

Becky Swan


Republicans for Martinez!

     I am a Republican. I always vote Republican, until now. Independent Carlos Martinez is the best choice for Idaho County Sheriff.

     He was born and raised in Idaho County and knows the people and our needs. He treats every person with the respect they deserve regardless of the situation. He will improve cooperation with other law enforcement agencies to work with them to better serve all of us. He knows the Constitution and will defend your rights and help minimize federal expansion.

     During the firestorm of 2015 I saw him work many days and nights with little sleep, beyond the call of duty, to help people evacuate, deal with, and recover from the fires.

     Carlos likes kids and off duty he coaches high school wrestling which puts him in a mentor position to help and teach young people. He has worked in law enforcement since 1998 and has acquired a lot of experience and education in the field from the Grangeville city to training Iraqi National Police, and as a Deputy with Idaho County.

     Please vote for common sense, leadership, cooperation, and integrity. Carlos Martinez for Sheriff.

Lucky Brandt



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