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Letters To The Editor

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Preserve the bridge like other historical structures

     In the 5-26-16 issue of The Clearwater Progress was a front page article I would like to comment on.

     “Stewardship award bestowed on USFS employees.” “The award was specifically for the extra effort they showed in the historic 2015 fire season to protect historic structures. The wrapping of the lookouts and building are excellent examples of that effort. Twenty-one historic cabins and lookouts were wrapped in foil to protect them during wildfires.”

     “Many people put forth great effort to insure that our fire activities had minimal impacts to these important archaeological resources. We are really happy to be recognized for those efforts,” shared the Forest Supervisor.

     It is great that we have some people in the USFS that want to protect these historical places especially when the USFS has destroyed more historical structures than anyone.

    An example of this right now is the Manning Bridge being replaced. The old one is still being used, however, when the new one opens, the old one will be removed. This bridge is over 75 years old and is a suspension bridge which was a feat of construction in 1934 when it was built, considering the location and the equipment the CCC’s had to work with plus the fact that most CCC’s were under the age of 25.

     Now this bridge is being removed strictly on the recommendation of the USFS. People like me would like to see it preserved for people to see what can be done with a little determination.

Leonard Wallace

New Meadows, Idaho


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