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Letters To The Editor

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Evil animal abuse

     Each year kittens and cats are left at dumpsters like trash by those who don’t care or believe some kind person will come along and save them.

     The reality is that many of those innocent animals will suffer from starvation, get hit by cars or chased by dogs and they face a grim death. Those who do this will be judged by God for this cruelty which is satanic.

     Please spay or neuter your pets.

Beverly Frost



How does liquor fee fall through the cracks?

     Answer: we are all human!

     I was reading the article in last week’s Progress. My, my, my. The Hub Bar used this media to either attack The Hotel Bar and Grill (Steak House), or our City Council of Kamiah. Let it be known that we pay the bill that is sent to us. We are proud to do business in The City of Kamiah and faithfully pay the fee to do so. We appreciate and honor both the City of Kamiah employees and everyone from the community who chooses to give us their patronage. Using this media to expose your true feelings is a sign that of the two bars that are left, our level of service and quality of steak products must be affecting you enough to complain about such a little crack like this.

     Just sayin,

Sonny Hirakawa

Kamiah Hotel Bar & Grill GM



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