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Letters To The Editor

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How to file for office

     The following information is for anyone thinking about filing to run for an Idaho County position, i.e. commissioner.

     The way to start the process is to go to the Idaho County Courthouse on Main Street in Grangeville and stop in at Room 5 on the main floor.

     Jessie will give you the filing paper, a declaration of candidacy, with a petition on the back for your supporters’ signatures.

     You must get either five signatures from registered voters or pay $40.

     Return the declaration with the signatures or the money, to Room 5, between Feb. 29 and March 11.

     That’s it!

Michelle Perdue


Water shut off was illegal

     I have made a challenge to the Kamiah City Council that Mayor Schneider violated the law by his amending the city’s law to Impair the Obligation of Contracts, the Constitution prohibits any state from passing any bill of attainder, ex-post facto law or [IMPAIR THE OBLIGATION OF CONTRACTS].

     Because Mayor Schneider allowed his agents to violate the city’s due process obligations by refusing to serve “OCCUPANTS” shut off notices. Dale Schneider ordered his agents to violate the law by entering the private property during early morning hours to discontinue water services to occupants which is in violation to city/state law that prohibits shut-offs during hours city hall is closed for business and the obligation to provide instruction on how to have the services restored.

     The City of Kamiah’s Mayor and his agents committed violations to the 14th Amendment which prohibits the state from applying Unequal protection of the law. Evidence proves Dale Schneider violated the Constitution when he allowed his agents to serve shut off notices to the occupants of the Penedda property after he enacted the city’s amended ordinance.

     Because the law is unconstitutional I do demand Dale Schneider resign based on his inability to apply the law correctly, violating his oath of office. Because he broke the law he must be removed to correct this unconstitutional law.

Robert W. Warden


Kamiah Community Credit Union:

     As a former CEO of our Credit Union I have no idea what needs to be saved as stated on the back page of last week’s Clearwater Progress. Our credit union is very financially sound.

     We as members have lost our rights as members. If you did not know, you can no longer nominate anyone from the floor to be elected to our board to represent us. We also have no say in changing our By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation, which are our governing rules.

     As it stands, with the field of membership change and purchase of a three story, 17 room $535,000 building in Lewiston there is nothing to stop the Board from relocating our main office to Lewiston. Do you want to lose our Credit Union to Lewiston?

     We can get these rights back by coming to the special meeting Feb. 11, 6 p.m. at The Life Center, listening and voting by WRITTEN BALLOT.

Erlene West


Punishment dependent on who is protesting

     On the one hand, we have Black Lives Matter protesters who smashed, flipped, and burned police cruisers, and hurled rocks at cops; and brought commerce to a screeching halt in several cities across the nation. A few were arrested on misdemeanor charges and released.

     The 99% Occupy movement shut down Wall Street, and downtown Baltimore and Oakland for weeks, halting traffic and damaging businesses. An incomplete list of crimes committed by this group include vandalism, rape, sexual assault, public urination and defecation. Retail businesses lost revenue, and the cost of cleanup and security was in the millions. Again, misdemeanor charges.

     Before the Wall Street occupation, we had the unions occupying the courthouse in Madison, Wisc. By the time they left, they had caused $7.5 million in damage. I found record of only one person being arrested for resisting police officers.

     In Lady Justice’s other hand, we have Robert Finicum, a rancher who had taken in 50 foster children, raised 10 of his owner, revered the Constitution and Bible, and never had so much as a speeding ticket, shot dead by the “authorities.” He was peacefully protesting the federal government’s interference with western farmers by occupying a remote BLM office. WHO, or what, was in such imminent danger from the mild-mannered Finicum that he had to be shot in the Oregon backcountry; The abominable snowman?

     I think Lady Justice is peeking to see who is in the opposition to progressively liberal, socialist agenda, and who is not.

Gary Crawford



Help me restore credit union voting rights

     Kamiah Community Credit Union is not a bank. Yes, most of us know a credit union is not a bank but it looks and acts like one. It has most of the main features of one.

     The real difference lies in two things. First, banks are for profit while credit unions are not-for-profit entities. As such credit unions do not pay corporate taxes so have funds available to offer their members reduced interest loans and higher dividend earnings on savings and investments. The next difference is in ownership. With a bank the account holder is not an owner but with credit unions the members (shareholders) are the owners.

     With this ownership comes certain rights and responsibilities. Now I get to the main purpose for writing this. The members of the Kamiah Community Credit Union have given up their right to vote on major actions and transferred that right to the Board. This transfer made it possible for the Board and our Manager to make major decisions with the members (owners) having no knowledge of them.

     Take what has recently happened. We were told via Facebook in November and other media that they were changing the credit union name and would be covering a larger area from which to draw members and adding ATM’s in additional areas, like Lewiston. Well to the surprise of many of us ATM’s in Lewiston turned into a $500,000+ building purchase.

     Many of us feel that this would have never happened had the members been voting to change the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws rather than the Board. Purchasing this building stands to be a great risk for the credit union, not only with the large capital outlay, but personnel costs, upgrading the building, and ongoing maintenance costs. I for one would have opted to rent rather than buy to see if this expansion was going to work.

     I am soliciting your help. Please attend the special meeting held prior to the regular meeting on Feb. 11, 6 p.m. at The Life Center Church. Help us take back our voting rights.

Lee Hartman

Past Board Member


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