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Letters To The Editor

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Vote for Ken Meyers

     Ken Meyers is running for the Idaho State Senate to make District 7 and Idaho a better place. His vision is an Idaho where our children and grandchildren have educational opportunities that enable them to succeed in a 21st-century economy.

     Where Idaho does the right thing and benefits economically by closing the Medicaid gap to provide health insurance for the working poor.

     Where we become serious about mental health issues.

     Where Idaho has public lands that our children will be able to freely access and enjoy while benefiting economically.

     Where there are safe roads and bridges.

     Where there is a thriving economy with a growing middle class that benefits from higher wages and new and retained business.

     Where our legislature is transparent, effective, and responsive. Where there is a government that no longer needs a Constitutional Defense Fund, that tries to defend unconstitutional laws, has not won a case in over 15 years and has spent over $700,000 in attorney fees and plaintiff awards in 2015.

     This is Ken Meyers’ vision for a better Idaho.

     Ken has lived near Lake Pend Oreille for over 10 years. He came to Idaho having spent over 35 years at Washington State University, College of Veterinary Medicine where he was a professor, Director of Admissions, and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. His experience as an educator, administrator, and scientist taught him that good things happen when proper goals are set. When your eye is kept on the goal and you move forward by reaching out, listening with respect, and collaborating to build support and consensus.

     If you share Ken’s vision of a better Idaho, then vote for him on Nov. 8.

Bill Farmer


Delighted with improvements

     I want to thank all of the business owners in Kamiah. Our town has been painted, remodeled, and had a facelift. It is a joy to walk through town and be surprised by the newest improvement.

Sandy Russo


Take a stand against evil

     A war has been raging against our Western Christian Culture for some time. The troops of the enemy are legion. They are backed by a common spirit and goal. They come only to kill, steal and destroy. Many of them hide behind esteemed titles and offices. They are like termites gnawing away at everything held sacred in our society. Whether they do their deeds with evil intent or as programmed robots “just doing their job,” they do evil nonetheless.

     When it comes our turn to just do our job, or comply with the latest phony “law” from the enemy within, the question becomes: will we stand against evil or join it?

     The so called “gender issue” policy handed down from the ISBA gives the local Kamiah School Board, administration, and teachers the opportunity to make such a choice. New words and phrases have been established and conformation to this new contrived “reality” is being mandated on threat of “disciplinary action.”

     The god of state has declared that individuals are “assigned” a gender at birth. That individuals are free to change that assignment at will and when doing so, all shall submit to their new declaration of “gender identity.” We are to go along with their “gender expression” or else suffer consequences.

     This ISBA gender policy states unequivocally that you can not deny an individual the use of a bathroom, dressing room or bedroom used by individuals of the opposite (“birth assigned”) sex. This is not just a matter of politically correct programming. This puts our daughters and sons at risk of sexual predation and denies the natural order established by God at creation.

     Will we allow teenaged boys (masquerading as girls) to use the same bath and dressing rooms as our daughters at school, or sleep in the same room with them on school outings? We had better take a stand against this folly right here, regardless of the persecution that may follow. Otherwise, we are sacrificing our children and their future to the enemy.

Jay Maxner


Last line of defense needs someone brave

     Residents of Idaho County: We will soon be faced with a matter of great importance…voting for county sheriff!

     Many are unaware of the function of that office. The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association says it best, describing it as the last “line of defense standing between the overreaching federal government and your Constitutionally guaranteed rights.”

     I know nothing about Sheriff Giddings’ deputy who is challenging him in the coming election. Have no idea as to his handling of problems in the county or how he would react as sheriff in dealing with disruptions.

     I do know Giddings! He promised to stand between us and federal entities encroaching on our rights. He has worked with Nez Perce officers and others, calmly settling minor emergencies without use of swat-team action or letting several deputies shoot an unarmed person full of holes.

     Had Giddings been Adams County sheriff when rancher Jack Yantis was called from his supper to dispatch his injured bull on the highway north of Council, appearing with rifle ready to put down the animal, it’s likely Yantis would not have been killed by two deputies because he had a gun!

     Doug Giddings is a truly good man. He’s honest, truthful and, yes, brave. He’s ready to defend Idaho County citizens, their civil and constitutional rights and liberties. We need him on watch in the coming years of possible danger from terrorist attacks and rioting or disasters.

     Let’s get out and vote Giddings for sheriff. We owe him!

Flora Teachman


Go, Doug, go!

     All eligible Idaho County voters need to pay attention to what is happening in the Idaho County Sheriff’s election process. If you begin to ask questions and look very closely at what has taken place so far you will come to the clear understanding of one of the definitions of a few key words, to describe the actions of Doug Giddings, the present sheriff of Idaho County. Some, but not all of those words would be: underhanded, liar, untrustworthy, cowardly, and a misuser of county money, property, and personnel.

     When questioned about the use of Army surplus equipment the sheriff told several different stories until he may have gotten close to the truth. Several recent Facebook posts show the equipment being used, with the sheriff’s permission, by a deputy on his own property, for purposes they are not supposed to be used, near Cow Creek Saddle. What would you do to Carlos Martinez should he have done the same thing, sheriff?

     Interestingly enough, the sheriff and his daughter were seen riding together in a county owned vehicle carrying re-election signs on a recent Saturday. I certainly do not want you spending my tax money for your campaign, or for that matter your daughter’s campaign. Does she operate just like you? Sheriff, what would you do to Mr. Martinez, should he try something like that with county property?

     Speaking of Mr. Martinez, why has your best, and I do mean best officer, been demoted twice, and then suspended by you? He has more police knowledge, police experience, and courage than you have been able to show the people of Idaho County so far. Those would certainly be in the categories of cowardice and misuse of county personnel. Oh, that’s right, he chose to run for sheriff to bring honesty and transparency back into the sheriff’s department, that is why he is being punished.

     Now I fully realize the “power” a sheriff has in the State of Idaho. Rather than have that “power” overwhelm you, swell your ego, and cause you to abuse that “power,” you should fear where that “power” would take you and exercise it with morality. You do know what morality is, don’t you?

     Voters of Idaho County be advised, a vote for Carlos Martinez, is a vote for an open, honest, and moral man.

Don and April Sokolowski


Editor’s note: The Sokolowski’s letter was edited for length.


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