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Show respect for the environment

     There was a little article last week about how important it is to eradicate poison hemlock because it takes over as an aggressive weed, forcing out other more beneficial plants and leaving less foraging for wild animals. It is taking over some parts along the nature trail and spreading rapidly.

     One way to control it is to cut it down before the seeds are developed. It grows in large patches that could be mowed, if someone would be willing and able to do it. Just cutting down a few plants here and there, which I do, isn't going to control it.

     A month or so ago, I saw a boy about nine years old walking the trail with his mother. He was blowing on the stem of a poison hemlock because the stem is hollow and makes a perfect pea shooter. I remember doing that as a kid too, but it wasn't poison hemlock! It has been known to kill kids by doing exactly that.

     When I told them what it was, they were rightfully alarmed. Parents, please make sure your kids know what they are putting in their mouths! This child was old enough to be more careful, but what can you say about his mother?

     A request to fishermen at the boat dock:  The boat dock is very accessible for young children to go wading, and the currents are safe there, one of the few local places that a family can enjoy the river easily and safely. But fishermen are ruining it by cleaning their fish and leaving the guts and waste there or leaving them so they will wash up where the kids want to play. On these hot days, this can be really nasty! Please show some courtesy to others who would like to enjoy their day by the river too.

     Besides the usual litter, there has also been some vandalism along the nature trail and park.  Breaking the rails off the foot bridges, tearing off tree limbs, painting trees with red paint, carving the trees, and "girdling" the trees (removing bark all around the tree) so they will die. I saw one pre-teen girl removing bark from a tree in the park while the parents were doing something else apparently. I told her that could kill the tree. Why did a stranger have to tell her that?

     Respect for nature and respect for others go hand in hand...it's just a whole attitude toward life that some are sadly missing.

     Thank you Valley Cats for cutting the weeds down again this spring!  You guys are awesome!

Lana Hiemstra


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Written by Angela Broncheau   


     Heartfelt condolences to the families of Laura Kipp Wilson. Laura quietly left this world Saturday, June 28, 2014 at her Lewiston home. Laura's gentle spirit and thoughtful personality will be missed by her family and numerous friends. Prayers of comfort for her husband Michael Wilson, her son Lance Anderson, daughter Shelby Parks, her brother Jess and Irene Kipp of Kooskia and sisters, Elizabeth Kipp and Sandra Kipp and her step-children and grandchildren.

     Deepest condolences to the families of Joel (Utchie) Whitfield. Utch passed away Sunday, July 6 at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center with family and friends by his side. Friends described Utchie as a true friend to many; he was well known and loved by countless people of all walks of life. He was a true fan of the Idaho Vandals. Utch was the strong backbone behind many Wa-a'yas events during his employment with the Nez Perce Tribe; he went above and beyond his job duties to help and support the community and the Nez Perce Tribe. Prayers of comfort for his children, his numerous cousins, and friends that knew and loved "Utch."

     Friendly reminder Meth the Life Accelerator, screening of "The Meth Epidemic" will be Wednesday, July 16 at noon at the Kamiah Nimiiipuu Health conference room. Lunch will be provided. The time is NOW to learn about the "Meth Epidemic" and its toll on the body, mind and spirit. This event is sponsored by Nimiipuu Behavioral Health, Tonia Aripa. Please contact Kamiah NMPH if you plan to attend. The public is invited! Everyone is welcome to attend this screening/discussion. Bring a friend!

     Chief Lookingglass Pow-wow Committee will have another planning meeting Monday, July 14 at 6:45 p.m. behind the Wa-a'yas building (Pow-wow grounds). The Special 50/50 raffle tickets are now available. Tickets will be sold from now until Aug. 17; proceeds will go towards the Delores Lookingglass Wheeler "Mixed Teen Team Dance" Special. Contact Nancy Wheeler or Dallon Wheeler for tickets. Chief Lookingglass Pow-wow is Aug. 15-17 at the Wa-a'yas. Families planning to have special ceremonies during the Chief Lookingglass Pow-wow are encouraged to attend the meeting July 14.

     Birthday blessings to Mathias Willig, Danica Hart, Dewayne Ellenwood, Joel Moffett, Ida Ann George, and to my beloved precious daughter Delores HighEagle!

Yox Kalo (That's all!)

Wolf Problems? Print E-mail

The following list of numbers is offered for anyone who experiences problems with wolves. 


Suspected Livestock Predation

Call USDA Wildlife Services, 1-866-487-3297 or contact Justin Mann, local Wildlife Specialist at 208-869-3297. Personnel will be dispatched to investigate.


Frequent Wolf Sightings

Contact the Nez Perce Tribe, Curt Mack at 208-634-1060. They will gather and record information, then provide advice.


Report Sighting of a Wolf

Go to Idaho Dept. of Fish & Game website to fill out a wolf report form: http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/cms/wildlife/wolves/


Health and Human Safety Concerns

A wolf may be killed if life and human safety is at risk. Contact Idaho Fish & Game at 208-799-5010 or call Nez Perce Tribe at 208-634-1061 or 911 Sheriff dispatch. All wolf kills will be investigated.


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