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The Lewis County Fair was held Sept. 24 through the 27, as scheduled. Many 4-H’ers, parents, grandparents and local citizens came out in support of the 4-H program, royalty crowing, parade and open class events. A few vendors were available in the food court and other nonprofit organizations…

If you watched the Vice Presidential debate Tuesday, you heard Democratic nominee Kamala Harris vigorously debate the deaths of over 210,000 Americans from a virus that no one (medical and scientific personnel) had ever heard of before, nor did anyone have expertise on how to treat it back i…

More thoughts on people not taking “Covid” seriously. Mary Davidson (Progress Oct. 1 issue) calls non-mask wearers stubborn. This implies that they know they should wear masks but just refuse to do so. What about the possibility that the non-mask wearers know something different to be true t…

Hello! My name is Brandy Tharp and I am here representing The Humane League, who is a non-profit organization for the welfare of animals, particularly ending the abuse of animals raised for food. You may have caught my previous letter last month that supported the importance of USDA, organic…

There’s a constitutional amendment on your ballot this fall, and to protect your representation in the Idaho Statehouse, you should vote ‘yes.’ This amendment, HJR 4, is a promise to you and every Idaho voter. The proposed amendment will permanently set the number of legislative districts in…

American “Exceptionalism”? As a nation of laws, just what is it that makes America unique or special in the world? One thing and one thing only, I believe! America’s specialty stems from our being, to date, the singular nation in all of earth to have been established, first with the deliberate focus and intent of […]

To everyone in the community who is wondering about the approaching deadline for signing the petition to Recall Governor Little, the answer is Aug. 4 (preferably before). The very last day for all of our awesome signature gatherers to hand their notarized signature sheets to Elizabeth Manley or myself is Aug. 5! On this day […]

First of all, I would like to thank Michael Jones and Mary Ann Blees for their dedication to their country, and the love they have for this country. It is absolutely a disgrace to the black race for the Democratic Party, George Soros and Black Lives Matter insisting that everything is racial injustice and racism […]

You have demonstrated a cowardly streak in your character that is unfit for an Idaho governor. You have disregarded the foundational rights Americans were given by their Creator, and you have shamed your name and family. The best service you can offer Idahoans now is to step away and liberate those in your charge to […]

If the word “racist” were used only when something racial was done or said, a person could/would hopefully make note, apologize, and make an effort to do and be better to their fellow man. The comment about Ms. Obama was not necessary NOR was the retaliatory insinuations about the Trump family members. In either case, […]

As a parent of two successful children who attended Idaho schools, I recognize the value of a good education. Skilled workers help attract business to the state, ensuring a strong economy and good paying jobs. Education opens doors for our children, giving them the option to learn a trade, attend college, or start a business. […]

This letter is a tribute to Ben Jorgensen, the former editor of The Clearwater Progress, who gave over 20 years of his life to improving and molding our local newspaper until it became the outstanding media-work that it was. In letting Ben go, the paper has unfortunately lost its moral compass. During his tenure Mr. […]

Regarding Ted Sellitti’s letter last week, what a lame presentation of words. It appears to me you are a bitter individual with personal “issues.” Calling people names such as racists and stupid is juvenile and bereft of any intellectual content. If you can’t offer any insights or thoughts other than vitriol, then quit taking up […]

Professor William Jacobson of Cornell Law School wrote several blogs criticizing BLM. His subject was the mantra “hands up, don’t shoot”, which is based on a falsehood created during the Michael Brown shooting. Mr. Brown was not a victim. He sucker-punched a police officer sitting in his police car, tried to grab the officer’s gun, […]

This is in response to a letter that appeared in the 7-9-20 edition. In that letter Keith Borgelt responded to a previous letter that I was unable to locate. In his letter K. Borgelt began by being gracious and kind to the author of the previous letter and concluded by saying that “Christians need to […]

Michael Jones, it’s obvious you’re just a plain racist. Exactly what did the Obama’s do to this country that was “sickening” or that violated the constitution? Especially in light of what totally corrupt Trump is doing, talking about violating the constitution!! And Roxanne Hicks, I think it’s obvious that you’re just as much a racist […]

As a libertarian, I have made up my mind to vote for neither major party. I doubt if Biden will last one term. He seems a bit demented to me and if he is elected and dies in office, then we will probably get one of the top Black females. Not good! But if he […]

I would hardly know how to begin this letter without first referencing our community’s shared, sad concerns over some big changes now occurring for our hometown weekly paper—chief among these the sudden loss of our fine, endeared editor, Ben Jorgensen! Needless to say, news of this has come as quite a shock. Big changes are […]

Politics, politics or penny-ante grievances: I’m shocked to see how misled, ill-advised or just plain stupid the city has been to fire or let go the EMTs. A town of this size has been darned lucky to have such a vital service! Now, I am not wishing anyone ill. But it would sure be ironic […]

Well the mayor, three councilmen and one lady have messed with the ambulance crew three times now. Now they have succeeded in a fourth and I will have to say this time they have succeeded. Your “illustrious supervisor” (and I don’t use the word “our” because the majority of people in this town do not […]

I would like to invite anyone in the community to come and thank the AEMTs and EMTs who have served this community for almost 40 years! Due to the current situation the Kamiah Ambulance crew was released from service. Many members of the community have expressed an opportunity to thank them for their endless dedication […]

TO: TED SELLITTI and PATRICIA DIAZ Well, TED, at least I reported the TRUTH instead of sinking to your obvious LIES. If you think my comment was “SICKENING,” I think that what Boarak and Michael did to our country is “SICKENING!” OK, your turn PATRICIA. YOU are a perfect example of what needs to be […]

Once again we have major decisions to make and life in America will be the result of those decisions. This election is going to determine what America will be for probably generations to come. Current happenings in America are beyond acceptable. Right or wrong, our history is just that, our history. The statues being toppled, […]

I would like to commend the city of Stites for not bowing to a hyped up political narrative and proceeding with Stites Day. I would also like to commend The Clearwater Progress in the manner in which it reported the event. It was very different from other news outlets which so blindly follow what they […]

The voters in Mountain View School District voted overwhelmingly to defund schools last month. The no vote on the levy necessitates reducing the budget by 31% or roughly 1/3 of the budget. The school board of trustees apparently had no contingency plan if the levy failed so are now trying to figure it out. The […]

To Ted Sellitti regarding his series of letters over the past month: I believe I have a reasonable solution to your dilemma. Go back to California, Ted. Back to Nancy Pelosi, a high cost of living, high crime, and an unprecedented number of homeless people on the streets. If you work on solving the problems […]

We would like to invite anyone in the community to come and show appreciation to the FIRED Advanced Kamiah EMT’s (Betty, Tyson, Shirley, Teresa), and resigned/retired Kamiah EMT’s (Joni, Mike, Carol, Bob and Rod) who have served this community for almost 40 years. Due to the city of Kamiah/city council both past and present and […]

My hope is that our mayor, sheriff, and community might mirror this mayor’s sentiments: This is the hero we all need right now. I’m speaking of Mayor Bryce Hamblin, who has been mayor of Eagar, Ariz. since 2012. He recently wrote a letter to his town residents about the intended town response to all the […]

I applaud Dale Ruebush for his courageous article in last week’s Progress. I have several comments. Nine of the Ten Commandments were repeated and indeed amplified for new covenant Christians. If the legal necessity of observing Sabbath had remained intact for Christians, why is there no mention of it? Original Sabbath observance consisted of staying […]

There continues to be cases pending under the abuse and overreach of unrighteous power exercised by Giddings – who thank the LORD has now been voted out by a LANDSLIDE. Yet “Special Prosecutor” Scott Olds apparently has NOT gotten the message and is still doing this LAME DUCK GIDDINGS bidding in a case wrongly started […]

WE are the “Unorganized Constitutional Militia.” It’s in the Idaho Constitution. I’m speaking of all men and women willing to stand up and defend our Republic and Idaho itself. The UCM is there to stand behind our local Law Enforcement departments in case of insurrection, rioting, national disaster or being overrun by BLM and Antifa. […]

I am appalled at the vitriol and hatred contained in so many letters to the editor in the Progress. Week after week letters denigrate people of color, Democrats, etc. The letter by Michael Jones, calling Michelle Obama, one of the most popular first ladies in history, a man, was disgusting. Even Facebook and Twitter are […]

I would like to respond to Mr. Goodwin’s letter of July 2. The First Step Act was created to review sentencing of low risk offenders who have served longer than usual sentences than their white counterparts. It is currently used to ease prison overcrowding and illness due to COVID-19. Every president since Jimmy Carter has […]

This is the second time someone has tried to disturb our peaceful community of Clearwater with dangerous lions, tigers and crosses. We need your help by signing petitions to stop Idaho County from allowing this to happen again. These petitions are in feed stores and other businesses in Grangeville, Kamiah and Kooskia. Thank you for […]

I started reading your letter and although the use of capital letters was a put off and way overdone, thought you might be asking some intelligent questions or making an intelligent statement that I may want to respond to in an intelligent way. However, it didn’t take long to see it was a typical “Deplorable” […]

I read Ruebush’s letter and thought it a bunch of rubbish! I went to the website he listed, read the flowery description of how these paramilitaries were protecting Coeur d’Alene from ANTIFA, which does NOT exist as an organized group, it’s only a straw man the right uses to attack the left. Every website was […]

Between the innocence of infancy and the dignity of maturity, our children fall under the influence of a group of people called teachers. The teacher is a composite. A teacher must have the energy of a harnessed volcano, the efficiency of an adding machine, the memory of an elephant, the understanding of a psychiatrist, the […]

The Trump Administration has passed the First Step Act which releases back into the community thousands of people who were charged with non-violent crimes. Ninety-one percent of these people were African Americans who were sent to prison for crimes established by the 1994 crime bill passed by Bill Clinton and Joe Biden who was one […]

The year was 1971. The Kamiah ambulance was nothing more than an old hearse, the school superintendent drove the high school principal to a mental breakdown and the democrats ruled the county. It was also the year that 48 future taxpayers graduated from Kamiah High School. This letter is my reaching out to the surviving […]

Warning! To all those who shoot off aerial fireworks during the Fourth of July holiday. If you violate the law on aerial fireworks in Kamiah and set my roof or house or other property on fire, I will sue you for as much as legally possible. Do you have $122,000? Parents keep your teens indoors. […]

TO: PAT KOHLER You say in your letter on June 15, that you wanted “PROOF” of what Trump has done for the “BLACK COMMUNITY.” Why don’t YOU show us what the Democrats have done for the “BLACK COMMUNITY,” other than putting them in slums and sending them checks every month—THAT’S IF THEY ARE FEMALE WITHOUT […]

I come from a long line of military, firefighters and law enforcement (myself included) patriotic individuals. The BLM movement has lost sight of the black people they claim to represent. They themselves claim to be trained Marxists and plan to take over our country. Defund/dismantle the police! Look at the anarchists that took over Seattle, […]

In response to Mr. Ruebush’s letter of June 25, 2020, I have to ask several questions. Who were the self-appointed vigilantes who showed up for no reason packing heat and patrolling the streets as if they were trained officers? You start another paragraph with, “It has been reported.” by who? When you called the Police […]

I would like to congratulate Representative Giddings for being re-elected as our District 7 Representative. This last week serves as even more evidence of her worthiness for the job. I would like to thank her for representing us well and standing for freedom in the midst of the unconstitutional, illegal “policies” that have been emanating […]

There has been a terrible injustice placed upon those of us who are truly law abiding citizens all across this great country. This injustice is the lack of responsibility by many who break the law, and the fact that the police pick up those who break the law (all ethnic groups), and the court systems […]

The predicted “second wave” of COVID-19 has “arrived.” People are starting to panic, in fear that they are getting it. Fear is a powerful thing. One doctor stated early on, “The best prevention for COVID-19 is to turn your TV off.” Can you do this? That is how the fear is being fed into us. […]

In light of the interest in the Recall Governor Little effort shown in last week’s paper I am writing to give property owners the opportunity to display newly made advertising signs concerning the Recall in visible locations (along the highway, in town, etc.). Many people are not, as of yet, aware of the recall and […]