We have an election coming up… everyone needs to go vote. I will be voting for Dan Millward. Our current mayor is not good for the job. I am still upset over the debacle she caused about our EMT’s that we had two years ago that were let go for no good reason. Never got any good answers as to why what was done was done. She blindsided them (along with another unnamed person) just because she wanted paramedics. They were volunteers and they were good volunteers. Gordon Hawkins must be turning over in his grave with what happened to the First Responders that he started.

We now get charged $300 for a call out of an ambulance if you are not transported. It used to be $100. Oh, and by the way, Medicare will not pay for an ambulance if you are not transported. Now, I ask you how many seniors can afford that kind of a fee? Thank you, Mayor Heater! Another complaint with her is the purchase of a street sweeper that we didn’t need. We had a contract for one and not the headache of maintenance. She spends money like we can pick it from a tree. Having worked for the city for 10 years, I have a hard time figuring out where she is getting it from. I bet we don’t have a “slush fund” for any bad times that may occur. I could go on and on. Vote for Dan Millward. He is a good man; he will bring back our right to speak at a council meeting and our rights by the City of Kamiah!

Sandie Daeges