An important election is here. We have the opportunity and responsibility to vote for the two trustee positions which are open on the MVSD school board.

School boards are made up of members, or trustees, who are guardians of the public’s trust. School boards are designed and intended to represent a cross section of the community the school district serves.

The MVSD is comprised of five trustees. Currently, one of the sitting trustees is the offspring of a retired teacher, and another of the trustees is a retired teacher. The third trustee is a businessman.

This election finds two retired teachers running for the two open seats. If they were to win, 4 out of 5 trustees on our school board would be retired teachers or related to retired teachers. This would be an unfair representation of our community. It seems logical and intellectually consistent that if we want our school board to represent our community as a whole, then our trustees should be qualified people from various walks of life.

We are voting for two highly qualified candidates who will represent our community and its values. Two highly qualified candidates that will represent our community and its values well are Vincent Rundhaug and Larry Dunn.

Vincent Rundhaug is a strong conservative running for the open Zone 3 trustee seat. He is a local businessman with a wealth of knowledge and life experiences.

Larry Dunn is running for the open trustee seat in Zone 5. He is a strong Christian conservative, a U.S. military veteran and a retired peace officer with a plethora of knowledge and work experience in both the public and private sector.

Cherylyn Kerley