Whether with fossil fuels like natural gas and coal, or cleaner sources of energy like biomass, nuclear, solar or wind, Idaho is a state that keeps the lights on and businesses running with an all-the-above approach. Energy experts in government and private industry, like myself, agree this is the best strategy for providing Idahoans with the reliable and affordable energy we need to sustain and improve our way of life.

Senator Crapo has recognized this reality and leaning into this policy. My hope is Idahoans can count on him, as evidenced by his support of the Energy Act of 2020, to advocate and vote on behalf of our best interests.

As the negotiations on a sizeable infrastructure package between a growing group of 21 bipartisan senators and the White House gains more momentum, I urge Senator Crapo to closely examine their proposal.

Serious and sustained investment in roads, bridges, broadband and energy grid has the potential to unlock responsible and sustained job and economic growth in our country for many years to come.

Brian Lee