Salvation. What is it, but the belief that some entity outside of ourselves will save us from whatever, in good faith? With salvation being truly unpredictable, we are dependent on that good faith to trust anyone professing it. What if I don’t trust your Savior? What if I suspect foul play? Are you to force me into submission for the good of all? What if I think the all could be targeted for disposal? Or, at the least, the lowly masses? What if I think these are steps to genocide? What if I feel like genocide is way more scary to me than contracting and spreading Covid? What if I don’t want to be led into a slaughterhouse under a threat of manslaughter charges?

What if I want to fight for my own freedom and life? What if I think fear is being introduced, and “saviors” have already promoted an immediate Covid death sentence if contracted? What if I believe we are currently at the tipping point of a financial free fall and that somebody must balance the books? What if I know, that in financial free falls, many take, or liquidate, even if that be humans. What if I know that fear has always been the catalyst to compliance and surrender? What if I feel like self-help procedures for Covid are being left out of the Covid equation for a reason? Conspiracy theory? Loon? No matter to me. The Covid virus was being developed for a reason. And who hasn’t used a tool already made? My Savior tells me there is, “nothing new under the sun”. The possibility of genocide is an age old, noteworthy deterrent for me in getting a future, gifted, enforced, new, and improved, royal crown shot. Hope this communal corralling doesn’t kill anyone. Use your own judgment.

P.S. If I was 92, I’d take the shot. Better odds.

K. Sherman