In a recent interview with Mr. Larry Dunn, I received some helpful information that I would like to respectfully submit for the benefit of the public in the upcoming school board election.

1. Mr. Dunn is running for the Zone 5 trustee seat on the MVSD 244 School Board. He soberly believes that school board officials ought to represent their constituents, promote accountability, provide a framework for setting goals and avoid abuse of power.

2. In response to the question, “Will you ensure that parents are informed and involved in every health decision affecting their children,” Mr. Dunn stated: “Healthcare decision-making should be between a patient/parent and their doctor or other chosen healthcare professional. Not the school.”

3. Mr. Dunn does not support levies because they accumulate debt on people’s homes and on other types of privately owned property, as well.

4. Regarding Critical Race Theory (CRT), Mr. Dunn believes it has no place in our schools because of its harmful worldview. He promises to work to keep CRT out of our schools by personally reviewing curriculum materials and ensuring teachers understand its unacceptability.

5. Mr. Dunn shared positively about his background and childhood, expressing that his family would commonly discuss current events, politics and debate issues. Regarding his upbringing, Mr. Dunn stated: “That’s where I learned the value of being able to discuss hard subjects without villainizing someone who might disagree with me.” I want to thank Mr. Dunn for his honesty and time.

Cody Graves (age 15)