I was so sorry to hear of the lack of support for Casey Smith at the latest MVSD school board meeting. I would like to, publicly, express my grateful thanks to Casey for all of his recent efforts to keep the public informed.

According to the Progress, school board members demanded that Casey back up his advertised “facts” with proof. Sounds great...I love facts! But really, I think the burden of proof lies with those members of the board who are in opposition to Casey. After all, they are the ones demanding money from local property owners. Nothing is keeping said board members from submitting a concise rebuttal to Casey’s advertised claims, refuting them point by point. Especially in light of the fact that the board (except Casey) is asking all of us to vote on another levy in August! (This time for $2.2 million.) Concern about the levy failure affecting the mental health of students unable to participate in programs they had been anticipating was also raised at the latest board meeting. What about the mental health of property owners’ children, who could lose their home because their parents are unable to pay increased property taxes? Brought about by the potential passing of a levy and compounded by skyrocketing property values. (See Kim Nuxoll’s guest column about property value increases in last week’s paper.) The possibility for this sad scenario to become a reality is real.

MVSD School Board...direct your demands for money to the Legislature and stop trying to take money from local property owners. We have given you our answer... a resounding ‘No.’

Jenny Keyser