“Safe and effective”, “safe and effective”, safe and effective”. If your vax-shaming editorialists are still parroting this pharmaceutical sales pitch at this point, they are either on the big pharma payroll (directly or indirectly), willfully ignorant of the facts, mentally compromised, or all three. One thing is for sure, logic and critical thinking were not part of the required curriculum, whether a pharmacist, a politician, a nurse, or an M.D. But hey, if they repeat the mantra enough times, a lot of sheeple will believe it.

From the CDC website: “The strengths of VAERS are that it is national in scope and can quickly provide an early warning of a safety problem with a vaccine.”

VAERS has been recording Covid vaccine data for just over one year now; 18,461 deaths as of Nov. 5, 2021. That would be 92 jetliners plowing into the ground with 200 passengers on board in the U.S. in one year’s time, or one every four days. Want to fly now? Do you think 92 downed jetliners in one year would be “an early warning of a safety problem”? I suggest they add to their mantra, “if you are lucky”, “if you are lucky”, “if you are lucky”. And then say it a whole lot more times, because the CDC admits the reported incidents likely only represent a small fraction of the actual number.

One of your last vax-shamers ended with, “Who will you protect when you get vaccinated to fight Covid and the flu?”. What manner of insanity is this? When you take your cough medicine, do we all have to have some, too? This is akin to a bulletproof vest that only works if the shooter is wearing one, too. No thank you. Or maybe we need to give all the critters in the forest the rabies vaccine so your pet’s rabies shot will work.

The evidence demonstrates the Covid vaccine is not safe, and the vax-shamers demonstrate it is not effective by their persistence that everyone gets the jab. Just remember, misery loves company.

Gary Crawford